The following video of children crying about the ending of The Odd Life of Timothy Green contains genuine SPOILERS about the movie, so if you care about SPOILERS for the ending of The Odd Life of Timothy Green you should not watch it, and you should probably stop reading Videogum. Who are you? Take a look in the mirror! Time to make some lists!

PULL IT TOGETHER, LITTLE BOYS! Life is hard. Everyone loses all their leaves in the end. Also there is no such thing as a magical mud boy so don’t even sweat it. In any case, this is the this of 2012. Goodnight!

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  1. Hey, Todd. C’mere for a second.

  2. spoiler alert: the parents filming these kids and laughing at their pain look dumb.

  3. I cried like this in the end of the elijah wood huck finn movie and then my mom yelled at me.

    • She should have just let me see kindergarten cop

    • i cried like this when i was reading this x-men novel when i was seven and this young girl mutant with the power to rewind time kept rewinding time to stop being shot by a sniper but he kept shooting her every time and she ran out of energy and died and it was really sad and drawn out : (

      • I remember that one! The book was Smoke and Mirrors and was a pretty average X-men story except for the gang of mutant teenagers from Ohio. And then most of them died at the end! I remember that girl’s boyfriend died from getting shot in the leg and the character thinking about how people never die from being shot in the leg in the movies before he DIED TOO.

        • Yes! That was the one, I could never have thought up the title. One million upvotes. I forget what Sinister’s scheme was in that book but he definitely had one.

  4. I’m so glad we didn’t have YouTube when I was that age and also that I don’t have assholes like these for parents.

    • I know! What jerks! Man, like I must have looked much worse than this when I read Where the Red Fern Grows.

      • Really? You had to bring up WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS???

        Why did my office get so dusty? What the hell?

      • These children are literally me at eight years old trying to talk about “Where the Red Fern Grows” to my dad. I’m pretty sure it was hilarious to everyone who wasn’t me at the time, so I kind of give these kids and their parents both a pass.

    • To be fair, this might just be to help document stuff about their insane high-strung kids now so when they go to therapy later people have a record of what sets them off (sad things, I will assume). Maybe some videos will help these gets get to their breakthrough faster so they’re not put on numbing drugs?

      Just kidding, these parents are dicks.

  5. At a certain point the kid on the right just started playing for the camera.

  6. Well, here’s to the next 20 years of these kids being mercilessly teased. Maybe after all the bodies are discovered under their shared small house, the parents will regret filming their boys’ first pondering of mortality.

  7. Aren’t these kids too young to even know who Tom Green is?

  8. Wow, this movie must really pack a wallop. I better see it.

  9. So, what I gather is that “Round-Up Ready” was NOT one of the listed characteristics of the Green’s ideal child.

  10. Join me fellow Gen Xers in a trip down memory lane. Remember seeing E.T. in the theater and how there was always at least one uncontrollably sobbing kids that had to be dragged/carried out of the theater?

    • No, because my parents knew I’d be that kid. Literally didn’t see the movie until I was in college because of it.

    • OH i used to cry at the end BUT not because i was sad about what was happening, but because that it was ending and i need my mom to know to come rewind the tape.

    • I was the kid my parents dragged out of the movie after ET died, only to go home and watch an equally wrenching episode of Webster. I didn’t learn that ET came back to life until I was in college.


      • Literally why my parents saw it on a date and didn’t bring me with — I have perfect memories of this night — and then said I was only allowed to see it on VHS when I was old enough, but by then I had lost all interest bc by then I could explore the world of Angel: Straight A Student by Day / Hollywood Hooker by Night… I mean I still haven’t explored her world and I’m pretty sure I have not ever actually seen that movie but it was FASCINATING to me when we got to the VHS store. HOW DO YOU HAVE THE TIME, ANGEL???

  11. My earliest memory is being terrified and crying during the Michael Jackson “Thriller” video. What accompanies that memory is my mother, father and their friends all laughing at me. If they had youtube then I’m sure I would have disowned them by now.

  12. This was me during Ernest Goes to Camp. I went to the movie in my Karate Kid Gi pajamas (ladies?) trying to act all hard. But then, Ernest was kicked out of camp and sang this song called “I’m So Glad It’s Raining” that made me sob in front of the 7 other people who saw the movie. My parents told me I wasn’t worthy to wear the Gi afterwards. Or at least thats what I tell my therapist for shock value.

  13. My parents knew I was a little too uptight when the very image of Big Bird dyed blue caused a full on meltdown. BLUE IS NOT THE COLOR HE SHOULD BE, GUYS.

  14. The sequel will be ‘The Fairly Normal Return of Timothy Green.”

  15. I wish these sensitive children the best. Their parents are jerks.

  16. I hope when these kids fall asleep the parents sneak into their rooms and glue leaves to their legs.

  17. Never forget.

  18. I remember crying at the end of Short Circuit and my dad asking me, albiet very nicely, “Why are you crying? It’s the fourth time you’ve watched this, you know he comes back at the end!” Dad didn’t get it.
    Johnny Five’s Resurrection – waterworks every time.

  19. I think a who gives a damn alert is more apropos than spoiler alert for this movie.

    good premise but it feels more like a student film than a hollywood movie.

    there is potentially some potential in there someplace but what a mess of a mish mash

  20. All of u guys tat posted bad stuff abut this movie Shutup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You ungrateful Little twerps it was a great movie and to the guy who wrote all this bad stuff about it u should be ashamed of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Making fun these kids and calling it a bad movie U should make a movie and if its dumb i laugh in ur frigging face U big Brat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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