Tough break for the Romney campaign. After months of speculation that this would be one of the most closely contested elections in American history, it looks like it’s all over but the crying. America runs on Alba. In related news, Jessica Alba revealed to the press this week that “bubble butt runs in her family.” She’s our true First Lady. USA! #Twitter #Obama2012 #BubbleButt #PaulRyan2016 #DunkinDonuts (Promoted) #Balloons

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  1. Guess this means I have to go vote for Obama now. Sigh…

  2. “She’s got my vote!” – Sir Mix-A-Lot

  3. I’ll never watch Idle Hands the same way again.

  4. Obama has secured the babe vote

  5. Celebrities can vote?

  6. So goes Jessica Alba, so goes the nation.

  7. The Killer Inside Me, Idle Hands, Machete, Good Luck Chuck, Sin City …Barack Obama is going to associate himself with this filth?

  8. I clicked that link ” Jessica Alba on her worst physical feature: ‘Bubble butts run in my family!’”

    Worst physical feature? Are these people insane?

  9. Obama/Biden 2012: Alba have what she’s having!

  10. It took me way too long to figure out OFA.BO/PDSp2T was a link and not some newfangled Twitter language.

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