After years of being a punchline, the band Nickelback is now everyone’s favorite band and there is nothing to make fun of them about because of this great music video for a great song starring Jason Alexander in a hilarious role. Everything is perfect about this. Nickelback are the best now! (Thanks for the tip, Scott.)

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  1. Wait, Nickelback is a band???!?

  2. Well, the Jerk Store called and they still have plenty of Nickelback in stock because no one is buying there either.

  3. I totally just got duped into listening to a Nickelback song. Curses!

  4. Ugh…can’t listen with the sound down…

  5. The video may say they’re joking, but the music says they’re still ready to fucking rock my neighbors truck.

  6. I saw the headline and thought it was a mash up of George Costanza clips cleverly set to Nickelback, but then realized it was so much better than anything intentionally hilarious.

  7. What’s awesome about Nickelback is how much their sound has changed and evolved through the years as they’ve stretched and grown as artists and human beings. They’re like this generation’s The Beatles – If The Beatles had had the balls to try new things.

  8. “Hey baby, I’d like to treat YOUR body like an amusement park, if you know what I mean…you know, because I was on Seinfeld? That scene with my mom?”

  9. It wasn’t the full Shallow Hal cast reunion I was hoping for but I guess it will do.

  10. If Jason Alexander isn’t the President of the Hair Club for Men, he’s definitely a high-level cabinet member.

  11. I really appreciate the “show-not-tell” exposition they did here.
    “Whoa, Jason Alexander sure is cool and confident when it comes to making coffee drinks!
    Wait, whose this girl?
    Oh no, CUPS HARD TO HOLD!!”

  12. I’m proud of myself for being able to watch a full 1:30 of a Nickelback music video before it become too much for me to handle.

  13. I was really bothered when she took a sip of that full cup of coffee at the end, because it should have definitely spilled from the angle she was holding it.

    Then I realized there are larger problems in the world … mainly, the fact that I just watched an entire Nickelback video & now the song is stuck in my head. I’m tempted to pull up that ice cream baby video just to make the past 5:41 minutes go away.

  14. I made it to the music. Then that was it. And the first part wasn’t even good! “JAAAAAAAAST AAAAAAAA LAAAAAAAATAAAAAAAAAAAA” didn’t do it for me.

  15. Now this is how to start off a monday

  16. This isn’t real, right? Somebody just read my nightmares and went to elaborate lengths to turn them into a video as a joke on me. Only explanation.

    I mean, really – Mr. Cool Disguise/Evil Twin on a Vespa? Was this conceived by a teenager in 1993?

  17. He should have stuck with doing the opposite.

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