Having spoken so many times this season about what I see as an upsetting overuse of Jesse™ catchphrases and Oprah Winfrey Aha Moments, it might seem slightly contradictory for me to say this, but: Holy moly, you can throw Jesse crying into every episode of this show and I don’t think that shit will EVER GET OLD! Man, it is always just the best! Certainly it’s a bit strange to be fawning over a scene where a man cries after seeing a news report featuring the parents of a child he had a hand in murdering, but as you grow older you realize that life is just a bit strange. That’s just life. Jesse is a beautiful and heartbreaking crier. Never stop crying, Jesse. Stay beautiful. Now lets talk about how dark and awful this week’s cold open was!

The cold open this week was largely silent, save for a minimal tone-y/percussion soundtrack, and showed Todd, Mike, and Walt dissembling the child’s bike and dissolving it, cutting away (obviously, and thank goodness) before showing the team do the same to the boy. Jeeeeeeeeeeeeepers creepers. I can’t remember another scene in the history of Breaking Bad that was quite as bleak as this. Walt wasn’t even having a good time, and he’s a monster!

Terrible. I mean, great, really. This was great and fittingly devastating and the whole episode was great and fittingly devastating. But: Terrible! After the job is done, Todd walks outside and greets Jesse, saying, “You guys didn’t tell me that stuff smells like cat piss.” Ugh. LEARN HOW TO READ A ROOM, TODD! Then he says, “Shit happens, huh?” Then Jesse punches him in his stupid jerk face, finally.

The scene cuts to the whole group back at HQ, giving Todd some time to state his case. “I’m sorry, but I had to do it. Obviously I guess you see it different — some of you,” he says, and goes on to make the point over and over again that he didn’t want to do it, but he thinks he had to do it and he’d do it again if he had to, and that he is a jerk and has a big jerk’s jerk face and definitely tortures animals and for sure thinks that most people are racist, and it’s just that he’s just one of the few who ADMITS to it. Ugh. Awful guy. Hate this guy. Walt asks him to leave, and the group takes a vote on how they should deal with him. Walt declares that there are three options — kick him out but pay him enough that he keeps quiet, kill him, or keep him in the mix. Both Walt and Mike go for option three, and the scene cuts before Jesse responds, cutting to a scene where Mike does this!:

YOU GET HIM, MIKE! He tells him that he’s still in the group, but also, “The next time you bring a gun to a job without telling me, I will stick it up your ass sideways. You understand?” (Which I believe is something a few of you brought up in the comments last week — whether or not Mike knew he was carrying a gun. Question answered!) Boom. Stick it up his ass, Mike! You stick it!

Also, Todd still has the kid’s spider, whatever that means.

“I’m gonna go pull off this spider’s legs one by one when I get home and then burn its body with matches and scream at my mom for being a bitch.” – Todd, I bet.

We find out this episode (another question we’ve been wondering about) that the DEA are following Mike when he’s out in public. (But somehow he is so good than they can never catch him doing bad guy things, even though he seems to do bad guy things almost exclusively.) In the scene we actually get to see them doing this, Mike is playing with his granddaughter at a playground and notices the team watching him from their car. He writes something on a piece of paper and hides it under the trashcan, leading the DEA guys to believe it’s a dead drop. (PUH-LEEZE.) But, LOL, when he go up to retrieve it they find:

BUT WHAT ARE THE BLURRED LETTERS?! Jk. I know what they are. A curse word! Once Mike gets home that evening he goes through the audio captured at Hank’s office of the team discussing how they’re trailing him, but can never seem to catch him. “Even pros make mistakes. One of these days our pal Ehrmantraut is going to slip up. We’re going to be there when he does.” Rather than being so flattered by all the great compliments they were throwing at him, Mike only seems weighed down by the truth in the inevitability of being caught. Uhoh!

In the next scene, the baby chewed on Skyler’s bracelet and it was so adorable that I barely even know if anything else happened in the scene at all:

OH IT WAS SO CUTE! The fact that the baby began chewing on Skyler’s bracelet, and then Skyler TOOK OF HER BRACELET so the baby could chew on it more easily made me like Skyler more than anything she’s ever done on Breaking Bad in the past. What a wonderful mom! The scene, though, from what I DID pay attention to, was only about Skyler admitting to Marie that she felt like she and Walt were horrible parents to the kids, but that she could never tell Marie why. Marie assumes that she’s talking about the affair, and spills to Skyler that Walt let her in on it, and that she has to forgive herself for it. Oops! That’s not what she was talking about! “Doesn’t it feel good to get that off your chest?” Marie asks. “Oh yeah. I feel better.” :-/

Back under the bug bomb tent, Jesse and Walt are cooking up a new batch, taking a break to watch a TV show about caviar. Just as they’re about to get back to work, Jesse, for some reason, does not turn off the TV and instead changes the channel to a channel with the news on it. And the news they’re reporting is the news of the missing child — 14-year-old Drew Sharp. Uh-oh.

As I mentioned earlier, this is where Jesse breaks down and cries. Walt attempts to comfort him, or at least sooth him enough that he doesn’t question too deeply the business they’re in, saying “I haven’t been able to sleep the past few nights just thinking about it.” Oh bologna, Walt. You liar. Walt says he’ll finish up there and sends Jesse home, whistling while Jesse gets his things and leaves. And we’re all like:

Before he makes it out, though, Mike calls him and tells him to get over to HQ. Walt meets them their (without having yet been invited by Mike), and is greeted with, “Might as well get this over with. Come here, join us.” And then he walks in and it’s a surprise birthday party, YAAAAAAAAAAY! “And I bet you thought nobody would throw you a surprise party this year, huh?” says Mike. Then they all hug and the episode ends.

JK. Instead of that, Mike lets the boys know that he’s being tailed hardcore by the DEA, which Walt gets so upset about because WHY DIDN’T HE TELL HIM THAT AS SOON AS HE KNEW? Walt threatens that he might have to break up with Mike over this, and then Mike says “Oh don’t worry, I’ve already decided that we’re breaking up.” “OH. Oh! Well. Good, then! See what I care! GOOD!” says Walt. And then, adding insult to methjury, Jesse tells him, “Actually, Mr. White, I’m out too. I don’t think I can do this anymore. So I’m retiring, I guess.” Yikes! That’s what you get when you’re a jerk, Walt! NO FRIENDS! Mike and Jesse explain that they’re going to be taking their share of the remaining methylamine and selling it for five million dollars each. “You can come in on this, with us — that’d be cool,” Jesse says, like a sweetheart. But Walt doesn’t want to come in on it! How is he going to be the new Gus Fring if he doesn’t even make meth anymore?! HOW IS HE GOING TO INTIMIDATE HIS WIFE?! He explains that if they sell the methylamine, they’ll be losing millions they could’ve made in cooking it, prompting Jesse to ask, “Are we in the meth business, or the money business?” Hmmm? Hmm, Mr. White?

Selling the methylamine to Mike’s hookup doesn’t go as easily as planned, though. The boys meet the other boys in the desert and explain the details of the exchange, but once the other boys figure out that this isn’t their group’s entire share of methylamine, and that there may still be blue meth available on the market, they say “no deal.” Either all the methylamine or none of it. Also, they all definitely practiced their boy band stances in preparation for the meeting.

That night, Jesse calls Walt to try to convince him to take them up on the buyout. Walt invites him over to his house to talk about it, but refuses to take him up on the offer. Jesse explains further that this will be so much more money than the amount he originally got in the meth business to make a year ago, and that he’ll be able to be out and keep his family safe. “I’m not going to throw it away for nothing,” says Walt. “FIVE MILLION DOLLARS ISN’T NOTHING,” SAYS EVERYONE, INCLUDING JESSE! Then Walt tells Jesse his Grey Matter sob story. “You see, we were the ones who invented Facebook,” he explains. “We invented Facebook and now all you see is this Zuckerberg kid getting all the money and notoriety and, you know, it’s just like…never again, you know? Fool me once.” Jesse tells him, accurately, that it’s not the same thing, Mr. White. Then Walt explains how he is in neither the meth nor the money business, rather he is in the empire business. And this guy is like, “I get you.”

Skyler comes home, interrupting their discussion and Walt, to screw both of them over, invites Jesse to stay for dinner. It is a very awkward dinner.

Jesse attempts over and over again to make conversation about the food their eating, failing each time, and then decides to maybe try to make conversation about Skyler’s car wash business. “Mr. White says its going well, that you’re a great manager,” he says. “What else did you tell him about me?” she asks, while drinking ALL the wine. Jesse stumbles through saying that he’s only told him good stuff, but that they don’t really talk about their personal lives much, before Skyler interrupts and asks if he’s told HIM about the affair, too. Eeeep! Then she leaves. Then Jesse does something cute:

“Do you know my kids are gone?” Walt asks Jesse. “THANK GOD,” says Jesse, which was just so perfect, only to have Walt explain what he actually meant. AND THEN (what you guys want to read is just a retelling of the things everyone said, correct?) in a move that is just so upsetting and manipulative and oh just makes me so mad, Walt says, “She told me that she was counting the days until my cancer came back. My wife is waiting for me to die. This business is all I have left now. It’s all I have. And you want to take it away from me.” OH PUH LEEZE. How lonely it must be for Walt, up there on his cross made from blue meth. I am so mad at him. Be strong, Jesse! YOU’RE SO SWEET, BE STRONG!

In the final scenes, Mike invites Walt to HQ and tells them that they’re going through with the whole sale, and that they’re going to sit there all night until it happens because Mike doesn’t trust Walt around the methylamine. And then, in a way that is upsettingly comic book villain-y, Mike tells Walt he’s going to leave for two secs before the deal goes down so he’s going to restrain Walt at the HQ for a second BUT DON’T TRY ANYTHING FISHY! Boo. I mean, whatever, really. I’m not VERY upset with this scene. But it’s like OBVIOUSLY DON’T LEAVE BATMAN TO HIS OWN DEVICES AND EXPECT HIM NOT TO GET OUT, MIKE, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!

So Mike leaves to what we find out is a meeting with the DEA and Saul Goodman as his representative, who tells them that they’ve filed for a temporary restraining order. Saul tells Mike that this will probably only keep them away for about 24 hours, and otherwise it’ll only arouse their suspicion, but Mike seems ok with that. When he gets back to their HQ, though, he finds that Walt has used that old teethface of his to bite his way through some electrical wires:

And burn the shit out of his wrist in order to get out:

OH WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT HE’D EVER GET OUT! Mike finds him and Jesse in the room where he left him, after discovering that the methylamine was gone, and almost shoots him before Jesse convinces him to stop. Oh, just shoot him already! Get rid of this doofus! Jesse says he has come up with a plan where each of them will get what they want. “Everybody wins,” Walt says, while looking up at Mike with a face that only says, “Please shoot me in the face.”

Ugh. WHAT IS THE PLAN, WALT? Better be a good plan! You better let Jesse get out of this mess! Do not hurt our Jesse!

Also, there were about four or five instances of teethface throughout the episode:

This was a great episode. I’m sure you know that, but just in case you’re on the fence — this was a great episode. See you next week! Weigh in on what you think the baby might chew next!

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  1. I’m pretty sure that Todd’s a budding serial killer and the spider is a trophy.

  2. I like how it went from Angry Jesse punching Landry in the face then cut immediately to a Ciroc commercial featuring a very happy Aaron Paul.

  3. i never loved jesse more than during that awkward dinner

  4. I understand Kelly, why you thought it might have been a surprise party for Walt. Mike’s choice of hat was misleading:

  5. This week’s hero? Kiddie pool wine glass.

    Once Walt finally gets his or whatever, I really hope Skylar lives a life of using that thing every weekend and smoking and sleeping with 20 year olds. She deserves it.

    • let’s give her a show called real housewives of albuquerque!

      everyone on that show will HATE marie.

      • and her FUCKED UP obsession with purple. her house is the most uni-color themed house i have ever seen.

        • Oh rewatch this and pause on her rug. Just for a second. It is the ugliest muppet rug ever.

          • I love Marie! I love her Muppet rug! You all back off!

          • But seriously that part where she says that Ted is a handsome man and Skyler’s only human was the best. Sisters 4ever.

          • I’d also like to say I loved the camera’s position for that scene. We’ve never seen the Schrader’s living room from that angle. We’ve seen Walt Jr. sitting on the end piece, withe everyone chilling by the dining room in the background, and we’ve seen Marie come out of that hallway on the left a bunch of times, but we’ve never seen a straight shot of the couch against the wall.

            It was a really cool establishing shot, of a room we’ve seen plenty but somehow looked like a whole new staging ground for Skyler & Marie’s sister talk.

  6. 1.

    Shout out to my man, Ricky Hitler:


    Shout out to slivered almonds, y’all:

  7. Awesome episode. Great teethface. Great water drinking, Jesse! Great creepiness, other Jesse! Great Fuck You, Mike!

  8. Kelly, next time you probably shouldn’t name the blurred out curse word jpeg as the actual curse word if you want to keep an element surprise in there (because you KNOW I am going to look at the name of every jpeg every week).

  9. Oh boy. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. This season might as well be called “Mike’s Right But He Makes All The Wrong Choices.” They’s all gonna die in the second half of this season except for Walt. I can see them getting away with it by the time the next two eps are done, then it all falling apart sickeningly until the last person to die before Walt is Jesse.

    • I pretty much upvote all of your Breaking Bad comments automatically, because I like what you have to say, but by the time I reached the end of this comment I wished I hadn’t been so thumbs-up-happy because let’s all just pretend for now that Jesse never dies.

      • I wish I felt more confident Jesse would live, but this show has always been about Walt and Jesse’s relationship, and it’s probably fitting that they die together, or when one dies the other one doesn’t have long to live.

  10. This, forever.

  11. I liked the fact that Walt said, “Stay for dinner, it’ll be fun.”

    And it was fun, wasn’t it?

  12. Note to self: Avoid the urge to whistle after killing somebody and pretending to be upset about it.

  13. Jesse really cares about kids, doesn’t he?

  14. I should probably know this, but what is that chemical they use to dissolve the bodies and how do they get it so damn easily every time? Can I just go to Home Depot and ask them for that “stuff that meth TV show uses to dispose of bodies”? Asking for a friend.

    • I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT STUFF IS. you’re just the worst! I don’t know either, though, so hopefully someone can tell us because there are a couple boys I know who’s faces deserve a little splash with that stuff.

      • Go by Ryan or Akin?

      • oh, cundela, I didn’t actually mean it about you being the worst. duh, downvoter, whoever you are, like I ever mean anything I write here. oh, except the nice stuff. I almost always mean that. just not the mean stuff, or the unfunny stuff. DEFINITELY don’t mean the unfunny stuff. just to reassure everyone.

        • oh jesus, see, the comment wasn’t posting and I made two different versions of the stupid thing and now all of a sudden both of the stupid comments not to mention the other stupid commments, those also are here and JESUS, WHY DON’T YOU LET ME DELETE THESE THINGS? why, Jesus? I KNOW YOU’RE IN CHARGE OF VIDEOGUM COMMENTS, JESUS. now I’m a horrible commenter and embarrassed forever. stupid Jesus.

      • hey, so, I didn’t actually mean that stuff about cundela being the worst or splashing faces with the acid stuff, you know, downvoters? in fact I don’t mean pretty much anything I write here. except for the nice stuff. I always mean the nice stuff. sooooooooooooooo. okay. just to reassure you downvoters. who deserve some serious face acid! see? I didn’t mean it.

    • I can’t answer your question because I learned the hard way not to do Google searches for those types of keywords. Sucks being on the no-fly list.

    • Hydrofluoric acid

      And yes, some places do actually sell that.

      • Go back and re-watch episode 2 or 3 where Jesse tries to dissolve his old partner’s body in a ceramic bathtub and Walt gives him a chemistry lesson on how hydroflouric acid eats through everything except certain types of plastic.

    • It’s hydrofloric acid. Here’s a video by some crazy Internet people!


  15. I do wonder if they is any good logic for why Mike wouldn’t leave some guy of his to watch Walt for that hour he’s gone. As it stands, its just seems like the most amateur move imaginable from a guy who has been established as “least amateur guy in the biz”.

    Right now I can think a few reasons:

    1) All Mike’s “guys” are in lockup/being tailed like him by the DEA
    I don’t buy this one, Mike has to know lots of random young dudes with guns he can trust

    2) Mike knew Walt would try to pay them off for an absurd amount
    Mike hires ppl who don’t take bribes because they don’t want Mike to shoot em. so Unless he really has no one, this is out of the question too.

    3)Mike is a dum dum
    The only option I see atm.


    • I wondered about that too! Even just having Mike leave one hand untied; I know he doesn’t think much of Walt, but I still feel like the Mike I’ve come to know, the Mike that can use a stuffed pig to get the drop on an assassin, would tie both hands to the radiator.

    • A good point, but I don’t really think Mike has anyone other than the guys at the termite place and then his only real option is Todd, who 1) Walt (and Mike) just let live 2) was threatened by Mike and 3) is making a living off this business and would be inclined to side with Walt in trying to keep the business alive vs. letting it all end, especially after Todd just committed murder on behalf of the business

      • He could maybe have gotten one of Saul’s guys? Like Bill Burr or Huell. Saul would certainly be willing to get rid of them for a cut of $5 million and they both seem like they respect Mike enough to know not to mess with him.

        • But Saul is already on Walt’s payroll and we know that he is actually now legit afraid of Walt, so not convinced some portion of the $5M would cut it for Saul, unless Jesse was in on it too, but then Mike would have to tell Jesse that he was holding Walt hostage and Jesse wouldn’t like that at all. Plus, I don’t think Mike has enough $ to spare given he needs to use the $5M to restore all his guys and his granddaughter’s trust fund (which I believe was around $1M).

        • Regarding Mike’s error: His relationship with Walt has changed. They are partners and co-workers. Walt isn’t just Gus’s cook these days. Plus, Mike IS getting softer. Ever since Mexico/Gus’s death, Mike has wanted out.

          Bill Burr’s character is named Kuby, btw.

          • Also, Walt was acting pretty resigned/exhausted by the time Mike left for the DEA’s office. Mike also was not actually there when the poisoning / killing Gus went down so I doubt he fully comprehends how brilliant and conniving Walt can be.

          • I’m still not buying it. If he can lose 3 separate tails because he’s that good, I just don’t see him not having the foresight to hire a babysitter or even just tie Walt’s other hand as well. Mike is a tie both hands guy, that’s why he’s such a long time criminal success. You could still have Walt science his way out of it, but he doesn’t trust the guy at all and regularly says so, it needed to be a bigger challenge to screw him over like that.

          • @Messica, if you’re going to be so hard to please with this show– and more power to you for it– then I demand you start spelling Skyler’s name properly. Those are my terms.

          • NEVAR! I like it better with an A and that is how I will spell it. I also don’t think I’m particularly “hard” on the show. It’s the final season. You can’t just ignore four seasons of mistrust and intellect and cunning characterization and have a guy only tie one arm to a radiator. Those are MY terms.

            Also, it’s a not real world created and manipulated by a successful and rich person who has never heard of me, nor will he ever. I’ll bitch if I want to, that’s why I watch appointment television; so I can avoid work on Monday by bitching about it.

    • It seemed to me like he felt bad leaving Walt there in the first place–he apologizes when he’s zip-cuffing him, like he still has some respect for Walt and feels he’s subjecting Walt to some huge indignity. So maybe he thought he’d be adding insult to incapacitation if he had someone guard Walt? Clearly not GOOD logic, but maybe some logic.

      • Mike is making mistakes. He has the correct instincts this season: killing Lydia, not getting involved with Walt, paying off his guys in lockup, stopping meth production or ramping it down till the DEA is less interested, trying to sell the methlymine they stole for $5 million and then retiring, and finally killing Walt when he finds out the methlymine is gone. Unfortunately for him, although his instincts are correct, he isn’t acting on them most of the time. He’s going to pay the price for it, and I bet pretty soon.

  16. I was surprised to read some comments ton the internet that immediately were like, “That zipcuff thing was bullshit writing.”

    I thought it was fine at the time (and still do now). Mike knows how slippery Walt is, but 1) there was nothing of consequence around that heater, and 2) that was a thick-ass zipcuff!

    Considering that Walt’s original plan was to cut himself loose with a broken coffee pot shard, I found his eventual, desperate method of escape to be pretty damn clever. It also illustrated how badly Walt does not want his two partners to fuck him out of his empire this time around.

    • Agreed. I think assuming the writers were “just being lazy” is a hugely inconsistent argument given how detailed and complex the writing has been throughout the entire series. If the fans are able to figure out ways that make sense rather than blame lazy writing, chances are the writers already had the same thoughts but chose to trust the audience enough to let them figure it out rather than hand it to us on a silver platter. I just don’t think you can make the lazy writing argument with this show.

  17. And now time for something completely stupid, BrBa characters as rappers:

    Walt: Kanye West
    Mike: RZA
    Jesse: Red Man
    Gus Fring: Jay Z
    Ricky Hitler: Chris Brown
    Saul Goodman: Ludacris
    Skinny Pete: Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire
    Marie: Shawty Mane
    Hank: Rick Ross
    Huell: Twista
    Badger : El P
    Skyler: Nas
    Tuco: Eminem

  18. sometimes I like posts so much that I feel like everything to say about an episode of Breaking Bad or about a mentally stupid old man not understanding what rape means has been said so perfectly by so perfect a recapper and commenters that I don’t have anything useful to add, and then I feel like a bad commenter, but there you have it, I think you’re all perfect. except the clown; I don’t like the clown.

  19. I love the names the writers of BrBa give their characters. They’re always interesting, unique, and at the very least, fun to say, fromt he main cast all the way down to the bit players.

    I’ve mentioned Bill Burr’s Kuby character a number of times.

    Walt’s arms dealer? LAWSON. Great name.
    (Also, that’s ELLSWORTH FROM DEADWOOD! I just realized that yesterday!)

    Tonight we met Declan. Pretty cool name. Looking a year into the future, I wonder if whatever plan Walt decided to come up with at the end of this episode hasn’t pitted him against Declan & Co a year later. I have no idea or proof to put forth, as the situation Walt is involved in during his 52nd birthday is still almost 100% unknowable, but I did entertain that idea (like Walt refuses to pull his ‘blue’ off the market and now Declan in Phoenix decides to go for a hostile takeover).

    OR we may never see Declan again, or just one more time. Who knows? Either way, Declan’s a pretty cool name.

    • I like how you abbreviate Breaking Bad. looks like “BraBra” on first glance.

    • If I wasn’t such a TV addict or needed to have at least one guilty pleasure show to watch, then I would like Declan as a character name BUT unfortunately that is the name of this kid on ABC’s “Revenge” (I know! I know!) and he has the worst fake Boston accent ever omg it is so bad

    • I could actually see that as a final subplot, but I feel like the last shootout is either between Walt and Jesse, or the DEA and Walt. If it’s between a guy we meet in episode 6 of season 5 and our “heroes” it doesn’t seem like it would have the same impact.

      • This show is really talented when it comes to stakes. Walt could be going to a shoot out with Declan & Co to rescue Jesse or his family for all we know right now.

        Right now I can’t really picture Walt shooting at anybody, let alone Hank & the DEA, Mike or Jesse. It’s a total ‘Wait and See,’ which is why I was quick to say we really have no idea, and I was merely entertaining the idea.

  20. Hank discussing Miracle Whip vs mayonnaise, the TV ad for the fake caviar made of kelp, Jesse’s rant about how microwave lasagna isn’t as good as the real thing… is Walt’s “everybody wins” plan some kind of meth substitute?

    • Maybe he wants to dillute the Methlymine?

      • I was thinking that’s the obvious choice and why they went on so long about the water/methlymine ratios and whatnot. Viva la crazy. So then he gets the methlymine plus the 5 mil…and can retire to new hampshire.

        • Walt’s plan will definitely involve ripping off Declan somehow, and the dilution has been talked about a lot. In fact, that might be the plan he is looking to sell Jesse and Mike on.

          But, what with his talk of “empire building,” I think Walt interprets Declan’s attempt to monopolize the market as a challenge to do so himself. He’s not looking to settle financial accounts with Jesse and Mike and go on his way with 1/3 of their hard earned freight. He’ll look to ripoff Declan for $15 million, keep the methlymine, and emphatically prove he really is the new Jesse James.

          This season was set up for us to keep asking who Walt is running from in that initial flash forward; somehow the potential list just keeps growing: DEA, Mike, Lydia. Now maybe add Declan’s operation to that list, with allusions to psychopath Todd and his prison connections looming in the background as well.

          If this were an action movie, we’d be headed toward a showdown in the desert with a cornered Walt surrounded by a small army people from every law enforcement and criminal organization in New Mexico catching up to him at the same time. Would it be too cute if they end it just like the opening of the series, with Walt confessing his crimes into a camera as sirens bear down in the background?

      • I was thinking dillution, but is that too obvious? Seems like it should be something more diabolical. Also, wouldn’t they ostensibly have less than 1000gal already, seeing as how there’s been at least one cook since the heist? How much does it take each time? Did they have some leftover from before? I have so many boring questions…

        • I get the feeling that a little methlymine goes a long way. Walt says the 1000 gal they have is enough to make $300M worth of meth.

          Weren’t the batches they were making for Gus about 400lbs or so, and worth about $1M-$2M? And the batches they are making now, in the mobile lab, are much smaller, so I’m guessing they have drawn off less than a gallon so far?

          Besides, it seems like the Declan is more interested in buying the business than the meth anyway, so being short by 0.1% of the volume probably wouldn’t matter.

  21. Jesse’s lightning bolt shirt was cool. That is all.

  22. Is this the first time we’ve seen that Saul’s license plate it “LWYRUP”, or have I forgotten that awesome gem? ‘Cause when I saw it I had a (glee induced) mini-seizure.

  23. Let me say this first: BB remains the best show on the boob toob. Ok, that being said, I want to offer a few a criticism of this episode (which is reflective of the criticisms I’ve had over this season in general). This show was always known for its subtleties. The audience was given credit for their collective intelligence and nothing was spoon fed to us. But this season? Not so much. What’s with all the exposition? Prime example: last week we were able to surmise that Jesse’s words were partially to blame for Todd’s hasty act. We could assume that there was an added layer of guilt present, because Jesse – all amped up for the job – reminded Todd of the importance of NO ONE knowing what happened out there. Todd presumably was acting in the best interests of both his bosses when he fired the shot, and now Jesse is forced to live with those words. Cool. I get it. Jesse doesn’t know how to control his emotions because he knows he virtually ordered the hit. I can get there without having it telegraphed to me. But then in this episode, Todd goes out of his way to REMIND them (he’s actually reminding us, the dumb audience) that Jesse emphasized the importance of no one knowing what they had done. Why?! Give me some credit! I knew that was the case. I don’t need it narrated to me from the chorus.

    OK, rant is over. Now for a prediction: Walt is going to teach the rival gang how to make blue meth, but it will only be the color that’s the same. I think the episode hinted at this with the reference to artificiality at least a few times (frozen lasagna, Albertson’s deli beans, the kelp caviar).

  24. “Jesse attempts over and over again to make conversation about the food their eating…”

    THEY’RE eating.

    /grammar police

  25. “Mike, and Walt dissembling the child’s bike”
    If’n a professional such as yourself wishes to sound like GWB, then off you go, there’s a good lassie.

  26. They pulled off a really neat pivot in this episode. The story deals with the dead child so efficiently. By the end of the episode, the focus is entirely on the direct conflict between Walt and Jesse/Mike.

  27. was “Breaking Bad S05E06: You Don’t Get 500 Million Meth Dollars Without Making A Few Methmies” too on the nose? Did you consider it and then be like, nah……take us behind the scenes of how blog titles are chosen!

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