Hey Gummos! (that’s what you guys call yourselves, right???)

Now that everyone’s main homeboy Mitt Romney has done the right thing and picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, thereby ensuring that America has at least a 50% chance of getting back to a slightly more… traditional government, I thought it would be fun to bring a fun game we were playing over at ‘Yo, Is This Racist?’ onto your shores: let’s come up with a slogan for Romney/Ryan, 2012.

This guy indisputably gets it:

That’s right, it’s a special White On White edition of Best New Party Game, Romney/Ryan 2012 Slogans!

Here’re some of the best ones from all of the Racecars over at YITR.

Can you do better than these? It’s possible! Anything’s possible!

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  1. Mitt Romney: No Birth Certificate Necessary

  2. Romney/Ryan 2012: I Got Nothin’

  3. Romney/Ryan 2012: Do the White Thing

  4. Romney/Ryan: Don’t Vote Donkey, Vote Honkey

  5. Romney/Ryan 2012: The White Stuff

  6. Turns out, you CAN go back.

  7. Romney/Ryan Two Zero One Two: Reagan Boogaloo

  8. Romney/Ryan 2012: Two Wrongs Do Make a White

  9. Romney/Ryan 2012: So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

  10. Romney/Ryan 2012: All White by Me

  11. Romney/Ryan 2012: White Faces, White Furious

  12. Romney / Ryan 2012: Guess Who’s Coming To Brunch

  13. Romney/Ryan 2012: Rage Against the Machine Unapproved

  14. Romney/Ryan 2012: White Men Can’t Jump Into Office

  15. Romney / Ryan 2012: Love The Police

  16. Romney/Ryan 2012: Let’s put the ‘White’ back in White House

  17. Romney/Ryan 2012: Anglo-Saxin’

  18. Romney / Ryan 2012: Straight Outta [Generic White Flight Suburb]

  19. Romney/Ryan 2012: Have You Accepted Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior?

  20. Romney/Ryan 2012: The Great White Hope

  21. Romney/Ryan 2012: The White Knight Rises

  22. Romney / Ryan 2012: Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt ‘Em. Just Take My Wallet.

  23. Romney/Ryan 2012: Nonthreatening in Hoodies

  24. Romney/Ryan 2012: White Makes Right

  25. Romney/Ryan 2012: Isn’t it Time for a White President Again?

    You know that’s pretty much what they’re thinking.

  26. Romney/Ryan 2012: White Club

  27. Romney/Ryan 2012: We’ll Fence the Dogs Back In

  28. Romney/Ryan 2012: Get Off My South Lawn

  29. Romney / Ryan 2012: Koch Is It!

  30. Romney/Ryan 2012: Because Obama Isn’t White

  31. Romney / Ryan 2012: Yes, This IS Racist.

  32. Romney/Ryan 2012: How Does 10,000 Bucks Sound?

  33. Romney / Ryan #2012: Mayans Are Mexicans

  34. Romney/Ryan: Imagine if America was the Jeff Dunham Show

  35. Romney/Ryan 2012: Magic Underwear + WienerMobile = WHITE WHITE WHITE

  36. Mister White and Pinkman.

  37. Romney/Ryan 2012: The Guiding White.

  38. The Lucky One (Percenters)
    The Power of One (Percenters)
    One Per(s)cent of a Woman — sorry I know that doesn’t make sense but it happened in my head and I laughed and I had to do it.

  39. (No more) (Men in) Black

  40. Romney/Ryan 2012 – Because you can’t spell Romney without MONEY.

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