It has been a wonderful week of guest writers and discussion and videos and television and movies. It would be a shame not to take a moment on this beautiful Friday to sit back and remember all the fun we’ve had, wouldn’t it? Oh, sure it would. So let’s do that, huh? While watching a bunch of GIFs? Sounds great. Take it away.

Breaking Bad was on and a terrible thing happened!

Starlee Kine wrote an open letter to Jesse Plemons!

It’s not to late to not hate Jeff Daniels! And also Caroline Creaghead and her brother imagined a more watchable Newsroom!


And here are some animal GIFs!

(Breaking Bad GIFs via MOBFD!)

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  1. Here’s another great animal gif!!!!!

    Run, duck!

  2. Exclusive footage of Gabe during his off week:

  3. Benedict Cumberbatch said something about Downton Abbey!

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