BREAKING: Ryan Gosling does not want to impregnate any woman unless he is married to her. But Eva Mendes doesn’t believe in marriage! HOW WILL THIS STORY END?!?

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  1. I’m guessing either she’s gonna poke holes in the condoms, or else he’s gonna poke holes in her argument against marriage. Either way, somebody’s poking some holes!

  2. Immaculate conception.

  3. Hopefully thisismynightmare and the narrator believe in polygamy

  4. With him marrying me in a plural marriage along with Ryan Lochte and Jon Hamm.

  5. Huh. This is the first time my RyGos baby marriage searches brought me back here. Worlds be colliding.

  6. Lot of Polyamory talk here today
    Let’s all get freaky this Friday

  7. “A mexican standoff!” — Quentin Tarantino

  8. I’m guessing some really, really, ridiculously good looking babies end up not being born.

  9. They become our generation’s Brangelina.

  10. I wonder how many people type these words into their google search every day. seriously. that is some really good SEO keywording that is also very very funny. great work, kelly!

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