One thing that it’s important to remember going into the weekend is that we are all like these more-horrifying-than-you-expected rotting vegetables sitting in a bowl, being photographed every 40 minutes in preparation for a “rotting vegetable” timelapse. Except we are sitting at computers and the photographs are tweets? And the timelapse is I don’t know what. Or maybe the photographs are blog posts? If the photographs are blog posts, then the timelapse is when your blog is gone and someone is like, “Hey, remember that blog?” And then they look it up using the Wayback Machine. In any case (in any of these very clear and smart cases that certainly don’t suggest that maybe no one has had a shower or breakfast or coffee yet), it is important to remember that we are all vegetables that are rotting in a bowl pretty quickly, so let’s GET OUT THERE AND HAVE A GOOD TIME! Swim in a pool if you can! Go to the beach or maybe the woods, if you prefer the woods! Watch out for ticks! Go to your cousin’s wedding, maybe! Make a nice dinner! Read a book! See a movie! “JUST DO IT!” – NIKE! (Via UniqueDaily.)

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  1. I was waiting for Laz Rojas to make an appearance in this.

  2. I was entranced until I saw the note about the baby rabbit. OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    To cheer us up, here is the pumpkin dance/Friday mashup again, courtesy of our very own Lawblog. Accept it into your hearts.

  3. Why did they use that cheesy space jazz soundtrack when we have a perfectly good Dust In The Wind to work with?

  4. OR…instead of watching that gross thing, take a look at 35 pictures of animals hanging out with smaller versions of themselves! Yes, it’s as cute as you imagine it is!

  5. You know what’s exactly as NOT scary as you’d expect? A time-lapse video of a bunch of styrofoam. Yep, nothing scary about man’s best friend, good ole’ styrofoam!

  6. Sooo, since we’re discussing rotting things ANYWAY, may as well see if you blookheads can help me out.

    I have bleu cheese crumbles that have been chillin’ in my fridge for almost 2 weeks now. How in hell I’m supposed to know if that shit’s still good?

  7. So if I eat nothing but garlic I can live forever? Done.

    On an unrelated note…can somebody lend me all of the breath mints and body wash?

  8. This video was sponsored by White Pearl Onion Inc, a family company.

  9. The worst part was the fruitflies and the best part was the plants growing out of it because it made me sing “Circle of Life” out loud.

    Ps, FUN FACT: did you guys notice that the peach near the strawberries rotted almost as soon as the strawberries did, while the one on top took much longer? Fruits give off chemicals when they rot which causes a chain reaction in fruits close enough to “smell” them, so to speak. So when you get a little basket of berries and one of them is already rotten by the time you get home, just separate the berries that are close to it and the rest should be A-OK as long as you don’t keep them all in plastic. #lifeoftheparty.

  10. This rotting fruit video was also sponsored by Chick fil a, a christian company

  11. So I started a compost bucket a couple months ago, and man it stank to high heaven so I would throw in shredded newspaper to combat the smell, and my house is so hot so nothing helped, and I eventually just stopped adding anything to the bin. For like 6 weeks. So I should probably just throw away this pretty ceramic bucket, right, because it’s going to be disgusting to empty/clean/whatever? And either start over or just realize that I am not a composter?

    For the record, I couldn’t even watch this video because I hate rotting things.

    • Put it outside! Why do you have a compost bucket indoors? If the ceramic is porous enough, you can leave it outside with the lid on and have wonderful dirt for next planting season. If you can keep it far enough from your house that you don’t have to smell it all the time, you can take the top off as rain and bugs speed the decomposition process. The best way to compost is to use a barrel with a hole in the bottom, as it’s the stuff at the bottom rather than the fresh bits on top that you want to put in your garden. Sincerely, daughter of a composter.

    • My city mandates us to compost and I have a stupid plastic bucket that needs to be cleaned. Thank you for reminding me. I keep leaving it in the horrifying sun so the sun will burn away all remaining life inside (by my estimate it was 100,003 degrees yesterday).

  12. Does anyone remember the Stinky Meat Project from the Internet like… 10 or 12 years ago? This reminded me of that. In a good way. Also I liked the little funky bass line.

  13. I liked it when the shoots started sprouting at the end. It made me think, “hey, out of all this degradation and rot, some life is growing.” But then at the very end, two of the shoots gracelessly collapsed against the side of the bowl, compounding the idea that nothing good or strong can grow out of this horrible bowl of vegetable mulch.

    Well, that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject. Have a great weekend, guys!

  14. More like a Zed And Two NOTS!

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