Ok, so I know that this is Thursday during the day and not Tuesday at the end of the day, and I know this is a video and not a still image, but sometimes you just have to break a few rules and LIVE A LITTLE! Like this kid! Who is now a grownup lawyer and gay rights activist! It’s time to throw off your jacket, reveal your custom-made Madonna dress shirt, bust out some sweet moves, and caption this video however you see fit. One other thing I will say about this video is that it makes me so mad that I could not and will never have a Bar Mitzvah/Bat Mitzvah. I guess the equivalent would’ve been my “Sweet 16″ birthday, and do you want to know what I did for my 16th birthday? Watched a VHS of Memento in my basement with two friends. And I DON’T EVEN LIKE THAT MOVIE! This guy really did it right. Great job. Great job to everyone involved.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. Let your captions move to the music! Right! Hey hey hey! Ahhhhh! (Via TheDailyWhat.)

(Previously in young men dancing to “Vogue.”)

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  1. Boys becoming men, men becoming gay.

  2. Congrats, Kid! You’re now officially cooler than Madonna.

  3. This Kabbalah thing runs deep, huh?

  4. I cannot tell you how many emails I’ve gotten today telling me this would be me if I were Jewish! I can honestly tell you it wouldn’t have been because I am a much worse dancer if you can believe it.

  5. “I absolutely loathe Bar Mitzvahs” – Madonna

  6. Adam Sandler, Rob Morrow
    Stiller and Lisa Kudrow
    Ally Sheedy, Tori Spelling
    My drunk uncle won’t stop yelling.

  7. “it just seems so…reductive.”

  8. It gets better. But it doesn’t get better than this.

  9. Stop burying the lede Kelly, you didn’t like Memento?

  10. Spotted. 20 years later.

  11. Can boys have bat mitzvahs? This kid to his parents at some point

  12. Surprised he’d dance to a song written by a Material Goyl

  13. his mother is still wondering when he’s going to meet a nice girl and settle down.

  14. that boy is meshugganah. plus, a pocket on a dress shirt?

  15. Would’ve been so much sexier if his mom had let him wear the cone bra that he stayed up all night making.

  16. You guys, I think he’s lip syncing.

  17. I love how he’s having a serious shirt-off with his nerdy little assistant. And let’s all take a moment and thank this kid’s awesome parents because, really, this couldn’t have happened without their nurturing and support.

  18. “Who’s That Goy?”

  19. ♫ Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, spooky scary. Boys turn to men, Men turn to wolves ♫

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