• There is a Breaking Bad art show going on in Los Angeles starting on Monday, featuring this piece of art. It’s a nice piece of art! I’m not really a fan of TV art mostly because I just don’t understand why you would make it, but I did make a painting about Radiohead once when I was 14 so who am I to say. -SirMitchell
  • Jon Hamm is going to be the voice of a toilet on Bob’s Burgers, as Bob’s Burgers continues to be perfect. -AVClub
  • Here’s a sneak peek at Pixar’s new Toy Story short, that will be airing before Finding Nemo 3D (what?) when that premieres in September. It’s charming! -TheDailyWhat
  • Vulture has an interview up with Jesse Plemons, who talks about how he learned of his Breaking Bad SPOILER, and what he thinks about it, and etc. That guy! -Vulture
  • This is so far outside the realm of anything anyone really cares about, but just so you know, Al Roker pretty much burned the shit out of Matt Lauer on Today this morning, concerning the firing of Ann Curry. It’s great! Even if you don’t care, it’s great! -BittenAndBound
  • Ryan Lochte is going to be on an upcoming episode of 90210 and spoke a bit about the process with Access Hollywood. It seems like it definitely went very well just kidding! -Dlisted
  • It seems very nice outside and it seems like we, all of us inside, have done something very wrong concerning how we are inside now and not outside. In honor of that, here is a supercut of people putting sunglasses on. -Hypervocal
  • And finally, here are some new Twilight stills (aaahhhhhhh!) with captions written in by FilmDrunk. -FilmDrunk
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  1. Do you think the talking toilet will be pitching the Jon Hamm John Ham?

  2. That Al Roker thing is great. You go, Al Roker! Four for you, Al Roker!

  3. AHAHA. OH. Vince. FlimDrunk. ADWARD and BALLA. Poor use of the English language. LOVE.

  4. Oh please please please please please pleeeeeeease give Ryan Lochte a season of starring on The Bachelor. Only this can unite our fractious country.

  5. Ryan Lochte makes Rob Gronkowski sound like Shane Battier AMIRITE?


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