This news is everywhere today, but maybe you are actively avoiding information about the new season of Arrested Development and I would never want to take that tiny, sweet dream away from you. BUT! For those of you who want to know: good news!

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  1. Awww, just Roger?! I was holding out for a Chet Haze cameo!

  2. How unexpected that Tilda Swinton AND James McAvoy will be guest starring as a two-headed time traveling expy for the Doctor! AND that they will have a song and dance number about the simple joys of international art thievery! All while eating sandwiches! With a saxophone solo by the xenomorph from the Alien franchise!

  3. I know they are trying to garner as many viewers as possible, and although I personally love him, they have to realize that Slattery will get them nowhere.

  4. You guys think it’ll be great, but according to my sources*, he’s just going to tell everyone to drop acid the entire time.

    *Roger, The Big Yellow Joint

    • He’ll probably just put on blackface and sing “It ain’t easy bein’ white/ It ain’t easy bein brown! All this pressure to be bright/ I got childrens all over town!”

  5. What are the odds he’ll be a love interest for one of the Lucilles? (Pleasepleasepleaseplease be for Lucille2)

  6. Have we confirmed if


    is coming back?

  7. The title of this post is misleading, because I read the article and nowhere does it say “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

  8. I’m actually a little pissed off that I’m going to have to finally watch this show just to get the jokes.

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