There now you know-ah don-you ge it calculah ah whal faa fla ah lih mih? (Thanks for the tip, Benjamin!)

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  1. This guy should really learn his limits.

  2. I think we found Dee Reynolds’ next boyfriend.

  3. He’s wearing New Orleans Mardi Gras beads! You know he got them by flashing his wiener when girls answered the following equation correctly:

  4. I think this brings up an important issue in our society. Nerdcore rap: blessing or menace?

  5. It looks like he’s flashed his boobs to a lot of people during Mardi Gras

  6. I prefer “U + Me = Us (Calculus)” by 2Gether

  7. this song is just really good, I think. I mean, it’s good! right? but yeah, it would be so much better if he ended every line with “MUTHAFUCKA,” or at the very least took a breath at some point. how is he even still conscious by the end? some math trick? god damn, I hate math. I JUST HATE EVERYTHING THOUGH, YOU GUYS. (but not you guys)

  8. This brought me horrible memories of calculus. I guess that the limit is infinity for all!

  9. If he hadn’t specifically told me he was rapping, I might’ve thought he was doing a really bad impression of Bill Cosby teaching a Calculus class.

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