Hey, lots of Downton Abbey “news” today! Who would’ve thought! Who would’ve ever thought when they woke up this morning that they were about to walk into a world FULL of news about a television show from the BBC that they may or may not enjoy, or possibly have never seen. As they say, you can live your life two ways: Either thinking no piece of Downton Abbey related nonsense is a miracle, or thinking every piece of Downton Abbey related nonsense is a miracle. I just hope you choose wisely. Here we have for you an update on Benedict Cumberbatch’s WAY HARSH opinion on the show’s second season. From Digital Spy:

Benedict Cumberbatch has claimed that the second series of Downton Abbey was “f**king atrocious”.The actor told the Reader’s Digest September issue that he was not a fan of last year’s episodes.

“We’re remembering that there was a world before the First World War,” Cumberbatch said of his role in BBC Two’s Parade’s End.

“We’re living in a culture now that’s revering, or having a nostalgia trip with, the beginning of the 1900s.

“Although Downton traded a lot on the sentiment in the last series… but we won’t talk about that series because it was, in my opinion, f**king atrocious.”

Whoa! I think we all need to take a step back and relax from this one. What day is it, Wednesday? Just Wednesday and we already have to deal with something so heavy as our own Benny Cumbey saying our own Downty Abbey is fucking atrocious? Too much. Too much to handle right now. Life is too hard already. Let’s all just go get another cup of coffee and maybe lie down under our desks or just on the floor and close our eyes and see if we can just sink right into it, trying for as long as it takes. (Thanks for the tip, mr benn!)

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  1. I feel like this is definitely not the first time we’ve heard this? He’s really antsy to get it out there. Or else they’re recycling the news (HOW DARE THEY).

  2. This is the Kirsten Stewart cheats on Robert Pattinson of our generation.

  3. My theory is that he is a secret Videogum reader, and the comments on the last post about him were so stalker-y that he felt the need to try to become repulsive to us. For his own safety.

  4. Oof, just wait till the 16th season, set in 1939-1940; it’s really grim from there until maybe the 27th season when the Beatles arrive.

  5. Benny Cumbey. Classic.

  6. between this and the way he wears his hat….strike 2.

  7. I’m beginning to imagine that every interview starts with the interviewer asking Benedict Cumberbatch about Sherlock or The Hobbit or Star Trek (or how charming James McAvoy was in Starter for 10, super charming I assume), and him refusing to talk about anything other than Downton Abbey. Also, if he’s ever in the same room with Dame Maggie Smith, he draws his finger across his throat while keeping little baby’s ice cream level crazy eye contact with her.

    She’s Maggie Smith though, so she doesn’t have a fuck to give, like the badass she is.

  8. Jeez, Benny. More like Downton Crabby, right?*

    *200 plus pages of comments and I really do think this is the best comment I’ve ever written. Don’t bother checking. It’s fact.

  9. While DA2 did have a drop in quality from DA1 it was nothing compared to that first awful episode Of Sherlock2: SherLocked. Ugh, that made me so very reasonably angry.


      How dare you. Irene Adler would NEVER.

      • But! But! I feel like episode 3 made up for it all.

      • The problem with that show, and I say problem loosely because this is a positive comment, is that it is so very entertaining that even this clearly awful episode with its awful ending seemed great and wonderful and I was entranced by the entirety of the episode. Though this was the first time I felt like it dragged on a bit but still, like I said, ENTERTAINED.

        But it’s only later that I realize, “What?! That was kind of a terrible ending to a whirlwind of an episode that sort of was strung together loosely and why do I care, the other 5 episodes were terrific. So what?!”

  10. I mean, is he wrong?

    *ducks* *cowers from blows while secure in knowledge that season two was ridiculous*

    • He’s not wrong and you’re not wrong. I wouldn’t say S2 was “atrocious” but S1 was better for sure.

    • The season finale was actually atrocious, as were a couple episodes also in the second half. (But not the Christmas episode.) Also, almost everything with Bates was repetitive and horrible. But! I still enjoyed a lot of it.

  11. okay, look, I am just way out of my element commenting on this post and other, similar posts in such a painfully, pathetically obvious manner of establishing myself as a regular-yet-lazy-and-infrequent commenter on this site, so I really shouldn’t post on this subject at all. I just won’t. this subject belongs to Kelly, and by extention all of you. and facetaco, it belongs to that person because I remember that name the most. so.

    um. Cumberbatch. uh…


    • Hi Althea Quinn! I know you’re new (ish?) here, and I just wanted to say that you shouldn’t feel out of your element commenting on this post! Benedict Cumberbatch belongs TO US ALL. (Not just to Facetaco, who I’m not sure even WANTS him, the brute!) You should feel free to comment on this or any other post! WELCOME!!

      • summer…YOU JUST GAVE ME THE VAPORS. IT’S A SERIOUS CASE OF THE VAPORS AND YOU GAVE THEM TO ME, AND I’M JUST VAPORING ALL OVER THE PLACE, AND I THANK YOU. and you, YOU, summer estherson, are welcome to continue just being way nice and allowing me to vapor all over you. and oh, yes, I am new-ISH. definitely. though I’ve been reading this site for ages now, just ages, looking, spying, silent, unblinking, quick as a cat in the summer rain or whatever, judging, plotting, twirling, snacking, splooshing.

  12. Oh B.Cumbs! You monster!! But he did say that he liked the first season, and he and Dan Stevens are bros, so it all evens out in the end. (And yeah, Season 2 is not as good as season 1! So he’s right!) Anyway, I don’t even care what the story’s about so long as we can get MOAR Benny C gifs in the gif roundup AMIRITE LADIES? *swoooon*

  13. By saying it was “fucking” atrocious is so Dave Hill.

  14. He didn’t like it, either

  15. ITV not BBC.

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