How many walks will they take? Will Cora still be an American? Will poor old Bates still have pathetic face on 100% of the time? Will Matthew still be so frustrating?!

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  1. I can’t watch this now but someone please tell me they have an inflatable yacht slide. I always thought the show would be that much better with an inflatable yacht slide.

    • Well they DID, but then Lord Grantham’s accountant told him they were straight up outta money and they had to make the agonizing decision to get rid of it. This leads to a giant Matthew/Mary fight. Matthew agrees that getting rid of the inflatable slide is for the best, and Mary just does not agree at all and THROWS her handkerchief onto the floor in grief and disgust exclaiming “This shows that you’re NOT ON OUR SIDE MATTHEW!”

  2. wait, so, wait, okay, thanks (for waiting!), this is the show that Ygritte tells Jon Snow he knows nothing, Jon Snow, right? I NEED TO SEE THIS SHOW STILL BECAUSE I AM TERRIBLE.


  3. Bates is in what is apparently the cleanest prison ever. It actually looks nicer than the servant’s rooms at Downton.

  4. How much time has passed on this show now? I feel like the Dowager should be 140 by now and Matthew and Mary should be pushing 50.

  5. KELLY did you watch the christmas special yet?!?!?!

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