Summertime #snackin. You know how it is. (Thanks for the tip, Trey and Summer Estherson!)

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  1. Whoa, not one minute on the Gum and the video gets taken down for copyright violations.

  2. I wish this was fred durst singing to me but ALAS

  3. Never been prouder of Minneapolis. We do love us some Hot Cheetos

  4. I can’t tell if it’s offensive but this Cheetos thing is some kinda new stereotype.

  5. My friend is a teacher and her class went on a boat trip and I guess the boat people told her to tell everyone not to eat Hot Cheetos because something about that food makes you super prone to seasickness. Regular Cheetos are okay. And I think off-brand Hot Cheetos are okay too. So if these kids are kicking it, I hope it is not on a boat. And if it is on a boat, I hope they brought a lot of rags and water to wash down that boat.

  6. “Now we gunna let y’all know what we been snackin on”. Finally a rap song I can really sink my teeth into!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I prefer Andy Cap’s Hot Fries, but I can’t find any kids rapping about that.

  8. Unfortunately, their followup single, “Kale Chips and Hummus”, failed to chart, marking these kids as a One-Snack Wonder.

  9. “I’m gettin’ snacks on snacks on snacks” is my personal favorite. Although I have to say, the small child grabbing at his crotch while rapping made me feel rather uncomfortable. I’m expecting Chris Hansen to arrest us all any second.

  10. OH MY LORD i NEVer expected lil busta rhymes at 2:45. I spent two and 3/4 minutes thinking about what good rap for kids is, and wondered if this were really that appropriate simply because of their attitude toward snacking, albeit an appropriately worded attitude, and then shit got realllllll.

  11. These kids are “apparently” from my neighborhood and let me say that they should NOT be hanging out around Wally’s Food. But…yeah! North Minneapolis!

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