“When oh when will my dreams finally come true?” you ask, restlessly tossing and turning in your bed late at night. “I’ve been on this Earth for so many years and yet, here I am — without any of my dreams existing in my reality! When oh when will I finally have one of the closets like Cher has in Clueless? When oh when will I be able to change the color of my hair with the wave of my hand, or take away my back scars just because I said a spell about it, like the women in The Craft? When oh when will I invent Flubber, like in the movie Flubber? How long must I wait to enjoy the spoils of my endless movie-themed dreaming, to which I devote 3 – 5 hours per day? It seems like I should certainly have some of these dreams by now!” Yes, you lie awake at night, every night, thinking all of the same things. Perhaps you’ve even given up hope at this point! But I’m here to tell you that, finally, the universe has provided an answer. Your dreams will come true when you: Start a Kickstarter, raise $5,644 somehow, then build your dreams YOURSELF, and then debut them at some sort of sports game. It’s been so easy this whole time!

Or at least something that looks like your dream will kind of come true, even though it’s kind of not your dream or anyone else’s dream at all and really it just kind of looks like car parts on a raft, not to diminish it THAT much, because I’m sure it’s still an accomplishment? DREAM BUILDERS CAN’T BE CHOOSERS! This is Matthew Riese who, after raising $5,644 through Kickstarter, built his own Delorean Hovercraft. Congratulations, Matthew Riese. And congratulations to ALL the dreamers out there. #kickstartyourdreams (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. This Kickstarter is doomed to fail. Everybody knows that hovercrafts don’t work on water. Unless you have power.

  2. Kelly, you forgot the Click remote.

  3. Shouldn’t a hovercraft like, hover or something? All he built is the world’s heaviest and least maneuverable power boat.

  4. unrelated, but for speaking-of-dreams-coming true, my GF made this movie poster from scratch for me, based on a movie title I imagined (from my dreams.) Just felt like braggin’ about dreams that came true #djfrumblebrag

    • You should marry her. This is so great. A

      • Goddamn this keyboard. I meant to write “And tell her to post because she sounds hilarious.” but instead I ended it like I am the antagonist from Pretty Little Liars.

        Just kidding I totally don’t watch that show.

      • I am very aware that I should. This poster only serves to make me more aware. Also, she has alluded to having an account here (she knows I do), but I haven’t called her bluff yet. We’ll see if she gets to this thread and outs her.

  5. If my calculations are correct, when that baby hits 88 knots, you’re gonna see some serious shit. Namely, a man drowning in a Dolorean boat.

  6. For reasons no one needs to know about (I was reading positive reviews of Herman Cain’s book and wanted to see what else these fans of Herman Cain had reviewed), I just found myself on Amazon reading review about knives. And then I found this…

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  7. i hope when he was explaining the design to his family and they asked how much he needed them to loan him he said, “loans? where we’re going, we won’t need loans….kickstarter.com!”

  8. I’ve never been prouder to be from San Francisco.

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