• Vulture has an interview with Breaking Bad’s Laura Fraser, AKA Lydia, AKA “Lady,” and it is worth reading! Especially if you like Breaking Bad and have a few free minutes! -Vulture
  • There’s a promo out for the new season of Community, about how it is now going to be on on Friday nights, if you’d like to watch it! -NBC
  • Oooh, and here’s something you definitely SHOULD watch! Another promo from NBC! This time for Parenthood! Hooray, Parenthood! I can’t wait to see you! -NBC
  • Megan Mullally is on this week’s Comedy Bang Bang podcast, and during the interview she announced that the Party Down movie has financial backing and that the cast is on board. Could we possibly live in a world where we got more of Wet Hot American Summer, Arrested Development, AND Party Down? We’ll see! We’ll see if the world ends before then or not! -ComedyBangBang
  • Hey NYC ladies! Robert Pattinson is going to be appearing at MoMA tonight to screen his new film, Cosmopolis! If you get there right now you can stand in line with all the other young hopefuls, go go go! -Dlisted
  • Did anyone see The Bourne Legacy this weekend or last? What did you think? Were you surprised that there was never only just one or what? You figure that from the beginning? Let me know what you thought. -TheWeek
  • The Insane Clown Posse is suing people over stuff. Watch out, laws! -FilmDrunk
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  1. I’m confused. Was I the only one who was horrifically bored by Wet Hot American Summer?

  2. Finally, we get the answer to the question “Are we having funding yet?”

  3. non sequitur. I just thought I’d share this:

    • non sequitur, did you ever post your tribute? i’d like to read it. i don’t want to out myself but if you look under a thread i accidentally hijacked, I liked to an up and coming blog that i think you might enjoy. I reckon emails are listed on this blog if you wanted to, say, email me your tribute. WINK WINK.

      • non sequitur, hi, everybody! good things, nice blogs! I’m new. to commenting. okay!

        oh, and badideajeans, isn’t awkward how I responded to your comment but didn’t directly address you or the content of your content of your comment at all until like right now? because of strangers and internet communication awkwardness? isn’t it awkward when people do that, and then how I just now did that? I’m so awkward you guys! NO EXCUSES, I JUST CAN’T STOP. being awakward. UH. I take my leave.

        • Sorry for the cryptic garbage. I was referring to a conv h & I had about some we liked a lot that passed away on Friday (David Rakoff) and he said that he was going to post a tribute to him and I was refreshing all weekend on that thread (trailers) to get the link.

          • aw, you apologized to me for reasons I couldn’t possibly comprehend, and now I feel guilty for making you apologize to me for whatever reason! THIS IS AWKWARD. YOU JERK.

      • I can’t find your email address, but here is a teaser:

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