It may seem at first like there’s a language barrier here, but don’t fret…turns out they’re talking about the universal language of loooooooove (and how not to speak it quite so loudly). (Via reddit.)

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  1. Boners ist zehr peinlich!!

  2. That must be one powerful boner if it knocked over all those cans.

  3. Das Booner

  4. “Ich liebe dick.” – nicht die Deutschen, anscheinend

  5. Don’t tell me how to live my life, Werner Herzog!!! It’s bad enough you’ve frightened me of grizzly bears.

  6. Sie liebt dich
    Nein nein nein
    Sie liebt dich
    Nein nein nein
    Sie liebt dich
    Nein nein nein neeeeiiiiiin

  7. This is an excellent complement to the Celebuzz ad that keeps showing up here.

  8. I consider any boner hiding guide without mention of the textbook block to be an utter failure.

  9. If a exclamation mark gives you a boner with a “kaboom” batman logo on the tip, think of moving red arrows ?… let me try it
    didn’t work… still erect

  10. 1:03 is telling young men to hide their boners in the side pockets of their cargo shorts, correct? I don’t have the sound on, but that seems pretty clear to me.

  11. If this was your Chancellor you’d have trouble with erection subterfuge too.

  12. I don’t understand. If females don’t ever see that I have an erect penis how are they ever going to know that I am willing to mate with them?

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