Sometimes things aren’t as they seem. Sometimes you think you’re walking into a hair salon for humans, eager to get a fancy new trim, only to find out that you are in a hair salon for dogs and cats. What! And it looks exactly like a hair salon for humans, oddly so, like you’re not sure why they’re trying to make this look like a human hair salon unless they’re TRYING to trick people, except for the fact that it has a name like “Ruff Ruff Hair Salon” that you missed somehow. Sometimes you buy a dress without trying it on only to take it home and realize it is actually a romper, again. Sometimes you think soup is going to be hot but then, what do you know, it’s cold! Cold soup. Sometimes you think you aren’t going to like the new Batman movie because first of all three hours is way too long for a movie and second of all you don’t like action movies and you don’t care about Batman, but then you like it a lot! And sometimes you see a bloated body floating in the Susquehanna River, clearly dead, only to find out after the police and coroner arrive that hey wait a second is he moving? …I think I see him sitting up?!

That’s just life! Sometimes you find a dead man in the river, only to later figure out that he is the most full of life man you’ve ever met and all he was doing was trying to feel like he was floating on a cloud on a hot summer’s day, until a dragonfly landed on his nose. Sometimes things aren’t as they seem! (Via WNEP.)

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  1. Sometimes you go to a bakery, and they have rice pastries, and then other rice pastries that are kind of a yellowish-orangish tinge, and you think “hey, that one has cheese in it, I am IN!” And then you buy it and go out and it turns out it was so colored because it’s full of CARROT, which is bullshit, because who does that?! ALL OF FINLAND, APPARENTLY!

    • Also, sometimes you go into a restaurant expecting a delicious meal, but then it turns out it’s a cafeteria-style restaurant, which doesn’t even make sense because they have the word “grill” right there in the name of the place, so then you end up having to back out slowly, with the stewardess just staring at you the entire time, and then you’re still hungry, so that’s just a double whammy.

  2. Classic prank, Lazarus.

  3. Only in Susquehanna…

  4. A friend of mine doesn’t go swimming because as a child he was very pale and very thin and was sent to a computer day camp where you learn how to be a NERD, basically, and as a treat they let them go swimming one day and he was floating around enjoying the heck right out of the water when suddenly the lifeguard dove in and dragged him out and started giving him mouth to mouth because he is so pale and had no body mass so had turned blue while floating around on his back with his eyes closed. And so now he doesn’t swim. A life ruined…

  5. Kelly – how can you be so casual about a DRAGONFLY ON HIS FACE?

  6. This was better than any episode of Walking Dead.

  7. Sometimes you definitely think it’s only going to be a fart

  8. Sometimes you’re really confused because a there are people talking in a video, but it sounds like they are really far away and there is a lot of white noise, so you think something is wrong with your computer, but it’s just this video.

  9. Sometimes it looks like the spider is on a towel but it turns out to be some kind of sand.

  10. This river is in my neck of the woods, and every year they have a “float you fanny in the Susque-hanny” inner tube floating fundraiser for something. This poor guy was just practicing maybe?

  11. Sometimes you get that call in the middle of the night from your partner and she tells you she got a call from the agency and it sounds like they’ve finally found proof and that she’s already at the morgue to do an autopsy, so then you jump out of bed and put on your shoes and socks and then your pants in that order because just because, and you can’t find your keys but then you find your keys and you jump back out of bed and down the stairs and right as you get to your car your partner calls you back and says, “Mulder,? This is Scully. I’m at the morgue. Go back to bed. It was a false alarm. Turns out the body was made of Styrofoam.”

  12. It’s always nice when I find a new hero.

  13. Sometimes you’re just fishing when you (finally) get a bite so you start to reel it in only to find out whoops actually a shark would like that, please.

  14. Sometimes you’d bet your life that you’ve thouroughly cleaned the mirror when in fact you’ve only made the dirty bits visible from a different angle…

  15. Love means never having to say I’m sorry for falling asleep while floating in the Susquehanna.

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