This weekend, some lonely old hag no one wants was proposed to by Justin Theroux and accepted, probably just to make Brad Pitt jealous. But what does Angelina think?! The world waits! #RIP #RIPallofus #butESPECIALLYme

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  1. Who knew that a fainting compilation video would come in so handy today?

  2. what does Maddox have to say?

  3. This seems like a poor move, considering her recent career has hinged entirely on her being unlovable. We should take bets on whether this publicity stunt will end with him calling off the engagement, or if there will be a televised wedding followed by a breakup after he cheats on her (commonly known as the Kim Kardashian/Kristen Stewart Publicity Combo).

    • I am hoping for a full on Graduate, where Brad Pitt stops the wedding and he and the barren Jennifer Anniston run away together. Or I guess Angelina stops the wedding, and she and the barren Jennifer Anniston run away together. Or Brad Pitt stops the wedding, but it is really George Clooney in a mask playing a classic Clooney prank.

      • Or Brad Pitt stops the wedding, and then it is really him, but Jennifer Aniston turns out to be Clookey in a mask, for the ULTIMATE prank.

        • Clooney did say he’s been planning something for YEARS. That would be a great prank. How do we send this idea to Clooney? Seriously, I would like his email address or maybe his real address. Just for this prank. Not for lurking outside his windows.

  4. This dude better get an invite

  5. Awww. Good for them. They make an adorable couple.

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