1. Yikes.
2. So, Chatroulette still exists.
3. Lotta dudes!
4. I do like when the people enthusiastically sing along right away because they are clearly Internet pros.
5. Gross though a little for real this guy.
6. But fun too.

(Thanks for the tip, Sara.)

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  1. People still use Chatroulette? I thought the novelty of seeing random penii wore off about 15 minutes after it became a thing.

    • I thought it shut down too. I used to go there and cam with dudes. And yes, facetaco, even I got tired of seeing random penii!

      • Did you ever get tired of showing?

        • I was way too demure to do that, plus I was scared some little kid would see. I would wait to see a cute guy before I did anything else. I will say that one thing I remember about it is that a lot of people were VERY mean to me. Not the cam-dudes, but random people calling me ugly and blah blah blah. But after a while it just seemed really gay and I was concerned why any straight men or lesbians would go on anyway.
          The last time I looked it said on to phase 2? WTF? I mean it IS Russian but STILL.

    • The cutting room floor for this one must be littered with genitalia.

  2. Gadzooks! That was very entertaining to watch. I hope this guy gets his own reality show: Mustache’d Cross-dressing Diva! would the name I think they should use.

  3. #3 should be #1 followed by…”sitting in their beds”

  4. Oh I loved that a bit! It seems like people are having so much fun. What a pick-me-upper at one o’clock on Friday afternoon. I might just make it after all.

  5. Has anyone seen Keenan in a while? Do you think he’s ok? RIP Keenan.

  6. I like how any time the other party is a female or multiple people, they laugh and/or sing along, but any time it’s a lone dude, he’s all “WHAAAAAAT?!” or “GROSS!”

    • Yeah all I could think whenever someone reacted with shock or disgust was “surely this is not even anywhere near the top of the list of gross things you’ve seen on Chatroulette”.

  7. People are the best people!

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