We have a lot of fun at the expense of rapper Chet Haze around here, and yet we just spent the past hour in an un-air-conditioned sweat box apartment trying to find something–ANYTHING–to end the blog day with, and that dude is Instagraming photos of himself sitting shirtless in African resort billiard rooms. So, what do we even know? Maybe we should all GET HAZED. It doesn’t seem so bad! On a sidenote, Chet took to his Twitter to ask all producers to send their beats to beatsforchethaze@gmail.com, so that’s where you should send your beats, producers. Also this.

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  1. Good prank!

  2. I would be more impressed if instead of a chess table with candles on it, he had one of those globes that opens up to reveal a minibar.

  3. I am totally down for getting hazed, if by that you mean being related to Tom Hanks. That guy seems delightful.

  4. this is just as infuriating and soul-crushing as finding out the monkey from Community has made $250,000 this year. #gethazed is the new #FML

  5. File:///C:Users/Djfreshie/Pictures/Shirtless_African_resort_billiard_room_pics/563.jpeg

  6. I like this one:
    Because one year for Halloween my ex was an Eastern European discount electronics salesman from 1994 and I was his mail-order trophy wife and he wore watches and rings almost exactly like this because it doesn’t look cool or #swag or whatever, it looks really fucking cheap and trashy.

  7. Guys. Chet Haze vs. Krispy Kreme in the Rap Battle of the Century. Let’s make this happen.

  8. Dr. Asshole, I presume?

  9. And then the elephant head fell off the mount and engulfed Chet all the way to his waist #gothazed

  10. I’d throw him a bone

  11. And yet his older brother seems like such a nice fellow #millennialsarevapid

  12. I’m a fan of the chet haze twitter, I have bookmarked it in my web browser (I do not have a twitter account). I enjoy it. He has a twitter note where he says something like “My fingaz dey be itchin… dey be itchin fo dat pay-pa” by which he means his fingers are itching for that paper, and by paper he means cash monies. Pretty funny stuff. I like it.

  13. OK, fine, Chet. Here’s a beat for you.

  14. I’m honestly confused by this:

    • You guys, NO alcohol should cost this much. I’m guessing the currency is different… but who uses dollar signs and has 17.5% taxes?

      Is it just fake?

      • Bottle service. It’s basically a way for rich people to burn through money. What happens is you get a cordoned-off area in a club with fancy seating. You get an ice bucket filled with expensive booze and tons of mixers. I was with a group of morons in Vegas that did this and one bottle of Stoly cost 500 bucks. The more exclusive the club or resort, the more ridiculous the prices of the bottles. It’s the service-industry version of buying a diamond encrusted iPhone.

  15. Videogum works in mysterious ways, guys. The last thing I did before I went to the airport this morning was watch the Abby & Brittany promo, and guess who was at the airport? Abby & Brittany!! Wooooooooah

  16. He’s in an African billiards room like Heidi and Spencer are parachuting.

  17. When I saw the headline, maybe we should all #GETHAZED I thought of this (me as Atreyu obvy and Gabe as Artax):

  18. Oh, thank goodness! I was just wondering what to do with all of these sick beats I have.

  19. “Never in my wildest imagination did I ever dream I would have sons like these.”

  20. I am for real sending him all of my sickest beats. I would lose my ever-loving mind if my music Got Hazed.

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