These days it’s very hard to trust anything that anyone ever says, because the world is full of unapologetic, unabashed liars. “Best coffee in NYC,” a convenience store’s advertisement will tell you, as if they even need to advertise their coffee, because if you’re getting your coffee there it’s not like you’re aiming for the best coffee in NYC anyway. “Best burger you will ever have in your life,” a friend will tell you while recommending a burger place, as if you actually believe that there could even possibly be a “best burger” and not just “a bunch of good burgers, the difference in quality of which is pretty much imperceptible.” “You look so great, your hair is so much lighter now,” a person who just cut your hair will tell you, even though your haircut looks terrible and you’re both looking at the same person and who does she think she’s fooling? THE MIRROR? “I love your top!” NO YOU DON’T! Liars, all of them. But for the next six minutes, I invite you to relax and watch someone be honest about the thing they’re talking about for once in everyone’s life. For the next six minutes, please watch this man try to break this unbreakable glass.

You can’t break it! You know why? BECAUSE IT IS UNBREAKABLE AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. Can God make a window that He cannot break? The answer is yes. Amen. (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. Gauges of masculinity in the Netherlands’ manufacturing community are weird, you guys.

  2. Could be operator error. Because I know if I’d use each of those tools I’d be unlikely to break a regular window.

  3. Enough of these fluff pieces, when are we getting our Here Comes Honey Boo Boo recap?!

  4. That looks like so much fun. Real talk. And that top looks great on you, Kelly. Stalk talk.

  5. SPOILER ALERT Is Unbreakable Glass not the twist ending to an M Night Shyamalan sequel?

  6. If they tried to break that glass with a hammer made out of THAT SAME GLASS, the universe would cave in.

  7. This is all well and good, but I’m waiting to pass judgement for when Heinrich Stockhausen scores his next work for helicopter blades and unbreakable glass.

  8. I’m going to have to disagree with this. Perhaps they should have called it “impenetrable glass”. I would have been fine with that. But most glass is meant to be either decorative or transparent. After being between with what appears to be a pickax, drill, and other tools, that glass is neither. It’s just not doing its job, and in my opinion, it is therefore “broken”.

    So I’d have to call this six minutes of blatant dishonesty, or to translate into political advertising units, “12 Romneys”.

  9. I don’t know, that glass is pretty fucked up at the end of the video. WOULDN’T BUY

  10. Didn’t the tractor care pretty much break it at the end… they just cut it to end.

  11. The forklift my butler uses to bring my morning coffee to the breakfast nook is about twice the size of the one used at the end of the video, so I’m still not quite sure it’d work for me. I do appreciate Kelly’s honesty that the video is 6 minutes long though.

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