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  1. The Fresh Half-Blood Prince of Belair

  2. And here I would’ve thought the thing they like the most is a fair trial brought in a timely manner. Those crazy extra-constitutional detainees!

  3. I imagine I’d watch anything on repeat if the alternative was “enhanced interrogation techniques”.

  4. Aww, leave them alone. They’re not hurting anybody, they’re just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool.

  5. They probably relate to the original Aunt Viv. One moment she’s there, the next she’s been disappeared and NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING!

  6. Does this have anything AT ALL to do with that gif of the Fresh Prince dancing aon top of the towers, sending it crashing to the ground, Rampage-style?

    If not (OR if so, I don’t give a care, son), someone should take a gif of Carlton dancing and put him in front of one of those pictures of everybody sitting around in their orange jumpsuits, like he’s performing for them because they love the show so much.

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