I imagine it must be very difficult for an actor to take on the task of portraying the life of a deceased person when there are going to be many people who actually knew that person watching you and judging you and maybe thinking you are just ruining the memory of that deceased person. That is to say, like, no one is going to watch the Daniel Day-Lewis Abraham Lincoln biopic and be a little upset because Abe would never actually flirt with his eyes like that. You know? Because he was alive a million years ago? Look, what I’m really trying to say is PRINCESS DIANA’S SPIRIT VISTED NAOMI WATTS IN A DREAM!!!! From News.com.au:

NAOMI Watts’ portrayal of Princess Diana has won the ultimate endorsement, the late royal bestowing her approval upon the Aussie actor in a dream.

“This is a first, but I find myself dreaming about her,” Watts told News Ltd on location outside of London. “I felt like I was spending time with her. One particular time, I felt that permission was granted.”

SO TAKE THAT, JERKS! For whatever reason, Naomi Watts found herself dreaming of the person she’s spending almost all of her waking hours portraying, and then for whatever reason she found that person granting her permission to portray her, something she was probably fixated on and pretty worried about. (“For whatever reason” = “because ghosts, and not only ghosts, but ghosts who really care about Earth movies.”)  But what about the dreams where Naomi Watts is in a fight but finds herself unable to throw any punches and also she doesn’t have any teeth? WHAT ABOUT THOSE DREAMS, PRINCESS DIANA? (Via Celebitchy.)

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  1. That sounds better than my dreams. All I get are the ones where you’re in college and you realize you haven’t been to class in months and the final is tomorrow and holy shit I’m so screwed and how am I going to tell my parents I failed this class and when I wake up I think it’s real until I remember I’m 34 years old and not only graduated from college but also law school and when am I going to finally stop having this dream?

    • I have a recurring dream where I am hunting ghosts with Jimmy Fallon. He wears a green tweed suit with elbow patches. It is a great dream. I like to believe it is a doorway to a alternate universe, because then at least one lilbobbytables is living the dream. Literally, I guess, but mostly in the ‘that is a sweet-ass life’ sense.

      • I have recurring dreams where I’m babysitting people’s animals or children and something awful happens to them and I have to tell them about it when they get back and right now I am living that dream, because I’m watching my friend’s rabbit for 2 weeks and came into my kitchen to find he hurt his little foot somehow and there’s blood everywhere and she’s back in two days and I’ll have to be like “Oh, thanks for entrusting your precious living creature to my care, here he is almost entirely intact only missing a foot* NOT A BIG DEAL.”

        *Not missing a foot. I’m being dramatic. I think he broke his toenail, which has a vein inside, jumping off the counter he isn’t allowed up on FOR GOOD REASON.

      • Mr. Aykroyd, face it. Ghostbusters III just isn’t going to happen.

  2. “I completely feel you are the right person to play me in a move. Now, grab that viking helmet and this broad-axe as we go slay this very pungent smelling dragon that is probably the manifestation of the General Tsao’s chicken you ate right before bed.” — Dream Princess Diana

  3. It was so much more awkward when Martin Wuttke said the same thing about playing Adolf Hitler in Inglorious Basterds.

  4. really? b/c she came to me in a dream and said she wished Kate Winslet hadn’t turned down the part. sorry Naomi!!!

  5. Wait, so when I had that dream about going to Hogwarts on the Cain Train and Herman Cain was Snape… that means that we need to take the chairs out of the refrigerator because the goose down is softer than astroturf?

  6. Search Amazon for “Princess Diana The Day She Didn’t Die.”

    A novel which is getting some great reviews from around the world and no doubt the next big film after this one.

  7. Princess Di told me she hated Naomi Watts in a dream I just made up.Something about Mulholland Drive and a car crash?

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