The hottest gossip is that Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny are an item. Whuuuuut? TRUE LOVE IS REAL! Don’t be a skeptic. The truth is out there. Take me to your dealer.

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  1. “Holy shit!” – nerds in 1998

  2. The Truth is in there.*

    *For this comment, assume that David Duchovny calls his penis The Truth


  4. “Take me to your dealer” suggests a different reading of The X Files.

  5. Right now, an admin over at is logging onto AOL, reading this news and promptly has a heart attack.*

    * Partly because of this news, but mostly because years of consuming discontinued Surge soda and P.B. Crisps have just utterly ravaged his body.

  6. Are they rebooting the series or doing a movie or something? I can see no other purpose for this.

  7. I want to believe!

  8. YAWN. Mulder and Scully started hooking up after they had that baby together when the T-1000 was an agent and they brought in the “baby that will save the world” plotline to remind everyone that he was in T2 after Mulder had been abducted by aliens/the government, because Scully found some of her eggs when they were investigating the supersoldiers aka Jeyne Cobb, and realized it was now or never for her to have a baby.

  9. Is this source credible? Follow up question: did Jessica Simpson really have a “boob explosion?”

  10. i wish he would kiss me

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