Did you ever watch The Real World in, say, the early ’00s and think to yourself “You know what would be hilarious? To re-enact scenes from this show live on a stage, with actors. That would be so meta and funny.” I’m sure lots of people had that idea. Unfortunately, in making their April 1st biopic about Pedro Zamora, the brave, openly-gay man who educated America about AIDS while appearing on The Real World‘s third season, MTV decided not to tell his story with the actual hundreds of hours of footage they had. They decided to hire terrible soap-opera actors to act it out. I know this is supposed to be a serious drama, but I laughed out loud when I saw the guy playing Puck. If you’re old enough to remember the ’90s, it’s just too much like a Mr. Show or Ben Stiller Show sketch to take seriously.

At least one original cast member, and surely some real footage is used, but even from the trailer it’s clear that this was a big mistake. And it was written by Dustin Lance Black, who recently won an Oscar for writing Milk. Incidentally, guess what was better than Milk? The 1984 documentary The Times Of Harvey Milk. Actors would go on strike if everyone realized this, but when it comes to biopics, if the footage exists, real is always better.

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  1. WORST.IDEA.EVER. Let’s just file that away in the FAIL drawer. I seriously LOL’ed because of the ridiculousness of that. Nothing says “tribute” like shitty soap stars re-enacting a story in typical MTV style (terrible score included). I can make these comments because of…gay.

  2. That was horrendous!!! On the evidence of this trailer, I think it’s time to take back his Oscar, pronto!!! And while we’re at it, time to take Diablo Cody’s Oscar for The United States of Tara.

  3. jeff  |   Posted on Mar 5th, 2009 0

    is this an april fool’s joke?

  4. God, this looks dreadful.

    Oh, and instead of having the actors do interviews in character, why not get THE ACTUAL PEOPLE to do the interviews? I could’ve put up with reenactments then.

    And is the goony-looking brunette guy supposed to be Judd? Wow, that’s bad.

    And, since DL Black won the Oscar, they’re going to put “From the Oscar-winning Screenwriter of ‘Milk’” in the new ads, just like they did with Cuba Gooding Jr in his first few roles after his Oscar.

    And Pedro is Cuban. The Circle of Life is complete.

  5. Did you stick your finger in the peanut butter?!!
    How could they leave that out??

  6. Why not re-air that season?

  7. They need a biopic about Real World Los Angeles when David ripped off Tami’s blanket and she’s all “nooo” but he does it anyway and then she goes crazy and dumps mouthwash all over his 90′s style Hugo Boss shirt and cross color jeans then kicks him out of the Real World house. Anyone remember that? No?!1 I’m 40 years old.

  8. IMKH  |   Posted on Mar 5th, 2009 +1

    Aah! Does anyone else recognize that scary Christian rapist guy from the movie Teeth?

  9. ha. rico’s wife from six feet under is getting work somewhere!

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