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1.4 billion people live on less than $1.25 per day. But how much is 1.4 billion, really? That is 1 in every 5 people on this earth live in poverty. Statistics like this can be hard to comprehend. For every egg you see falling, remember that there are 1 million people in the world living on less than $1.25 a day.

1 egg = 1 million people
1,400 eggs = 1.4 billion people

To learn more about global poverty, go to

What? That seems like a really serious problem that more people should be aware of and working towards alleviating, but I’m really not sure I understand how a bunch of flannel dudes dropping eggs off of a garage roof gets the point across. I do love that they put a tarp down. MOM WILL BE SO MAD IF YOU GOT EGGS ON THE AZALEA BUSHES! “Eggs on a tarp are easy to clean up. Global poverty isn’t. Let’s put a tarp under the poor eggs.” SERIOUSLY, I DO NOT GET THIS!

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  1. “I could’ve eaten those, asshole” – 1.4 billion people

  2. Pretty egg-centric.

  3. Well, at least they blew through a few hundred dollars and 117 dozen eggs to make their point about all those people who don’t have money or eggs.

    • I really hope there was some matching fund thing going on here, so for every dollar they wasted on eggs, they donated a dollar to an organization that actually does shit to combat poverty.

  4. Nobody can eat 1.4 billion eggs.

  5. poverty is nothing to yolk about.

  6. Well if you don’t support this, why are you posting it for others to watch? The increased hit count is just going to egg them on.

  7. If you guys like this, you’re going to looove my new anti-domestic battery campaign.

  8. Why is no one asking Krispy Kreme for contributions to this cause? He has 400 houses AND 400 mouses!

  9. This is seriously one of those “brain hurty” things…I can’t wrap my mind around the waste created to supposedly bring awareness to this particular cause.

  10. One smashed egg is a tragedy. 1,400 smash eggs is a statistic.

  11. That guys shirt was WAY too tight and i hope those eggs were cage free.

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