That guy who burned those Cheerios to protest gay marriage has been fired. Worth it, though. Hearts and minds.

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  1. I thought he would be arrested. But this is good too.

  2. Arsonist gets fired for inflammatory stance on flaming homosexuals

  3. Still disappointed he’s not in jail.

  4. We’re laughing now. Just wait until this schmoe gets a fellowship with the Heritage Foundation and is awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom by President Joe the Plumber.

  5. This is bullshit. The guy is an idiot, but that has no impact on his abilities as a real estate broker. Even if you don’t agree with his views, this is not a thing that he should have been fired for.

    • I disagree. He lit a box on fire, and LEFT IT BURNING ON A LAWN. Politics aside, Smokey is one angry bear right now.

      • And I once drunkenly thought it would be a good idea to see if I could get away from a cab without paying. Stupid? Absolutely. We’ve ALL done stupid things. But it’s entirely unrelated to his job, he’s being fired for being an idiot off the clock.

        • P.S. I TOTALLY got away with it.

        • But he’s a broker, which means his name is linked to their company name. And his face, pending on how he represents himself. Destruction of property when you sell property is counter intuitive, on or off the clock. The press release saying they fired him because of politics is to stop any possible boycotts or protests.

        • But he filmed it, and the film was posted on the internet. Like it or not, our personal lives are not completely our own, especially when the internet is involved. He isn’t being prosecuted (as far as I am aware), so all in all I think he got off pretty lucky. Plus, the chances are he will be hired by another bigot soon enough. We do have a few Chick-fil-a’s. Maybe they’ll help a brother out.

        • This being said, I kept seeing a woman posting INSANE racist stuff about a proposed mosque in my old suburb through her facebook page. So I clicked on that page and she was a Mary Kay VP of suburban Milwaukee. And her whole facebook presence was there to sell makeup. She absolutely represented her company in that scenario (even if she is also an independent contractor). I have no idea if she got in trouble for the comments or not, but if I still lived in that area and bought garbage makeup from her, I would immediately switch brands or salespeople because of her politics and I am quite sure that I would not be the only one.

    • Also, aside from the whole firebug thing…

      - he’s publicly disparaging a segment of Greater Midwest Properties’ customer base
      - his dumb face threatens to become the image of the company.
      - what are the odds that he was actually good at his job anyway. Dude is obviously very stupid.

  6. “As much as he loves the ‘homosexual treat,’ Leisner may have to be satisfied with generic-brand Cheerios from now on.”

    ooooooooooooh snap

    dude needs some heterosexual brand aloe vera for that burn

  7. “Oh, right, I’m FIREd. Ha, ha. Good one. Oh. You’re serious?” -Michael Leisner

  8. There was heavy foreshadowing in the YouTube video, when the son laughed throughout the whole thing. “Way 2 Go, Pa! You did it for the family values!”

  9. He should have burned a box of KIX instead.

    THIS Mikey doesn’t like it AT ALL!”

  10. When protesting civil rights by burning breakfast cereal on the front lawn of a food manufacturer is outlawed, well then, only criminals will do everything I just described but don’t want to type out again. Then they’ll try and put it out with their feet and try to touch it, forgetting that fire is hot because these backwards, bigoted criminals are SUPER-dumb.

  11. He’s probably “thuper pithed” about this!

  12. it makes me laugh that for the rest of his life (or at least for a week or two until people forget about it) this guy will be known as “That guy who burned those Cheerios”

  13. Here’s what’s gonna happen.

    This guy loses his job. This guy gets a fund set up in his name by the exact same people who flocked to Chik-Fil-A on August 1st. This guy gets a million undeserved dollars “bullied grandma on a bus” style and laughs all the way to the bank.

    We live in a society that rewards this type of behavior. He’s now an internet star and will most likely get to co-host the Hate Awards with Kirk Cameron.

  14. Fire guy! This guy knows what I’m talking about!

  15. You guys, the free time is just going to make him plan even bigger…

  16. methinks the frosted hair doth protest the frosted flakes too much

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