Jaden Smith has a music video now. Don’t watch it. It’s horrible!

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  1. Well of COURSE you think it’s terrible. You’re old! Parents just don’t understand.

  2. As soon as you said “Don’t watch it. It’s horrible.” I watched it. And it was horrible.

  3. He’s wearing our generation’s MC Hammer pants.

  4. The title of the song kind of makes it seem like he’s begging for something awful to happen to himself.

  5. Um, as a former skateboarder (and occasional one now), this makes me conjure up one word in my head: POSEUR. His “drop-in” looked pretty pathetic. Also are we sampling year-old songs now? Is that the new retro?

  6. so it’s not a cover of Foster the People?

    Not that that would be any better, but why the eff give it the same name as a really popular song from last year?

  7. He’s good at going “uhhh” at the end of every line.

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