• What you’re looking at is the FIRST LOOK (though really it’s the second look, because there was one unofficial look released a few months ago, but this is certainly the first official look) at Daniel Day-Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. He looks just like him! Wowowowowow! Not bad, guy! -EW
  • Over at Stereogum, you can watch Candace, of Portlandia‘s Women & Women First bookstore, interview J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr! And you should, no duh! -Stereogum
  • Arrested Development has officially begun filming for its new Netflix season! How exciting! BEES OR BEADS!? Right? “It walked on my pillow.” “It’s called a cupakino and wait til you see what it costs.” #ArrestedDevelopment -Deadline
  • Natalie Portman got married to Benjamin Millepied this past weekend, but she didn’t have cake at her wedding and all of her wedding food was vegan. Gross, Natalie. So glad none of us were invited to that stinker of a party. -Dlisted
  • Do you guys know about the Steven Seagal Movie Generator already? If not, and if the name sounds like it may interest you, you should check out the Steven Seagal Movie Generator! -FilmDrunk
  • There’s a new Cyriak video! This one is more about the depressing song being played behind it rather than creepy images but it is still Cyriak and I still like it SO THERE! -HyperVocal
  • Was Alfred Hitchcock an evil sexual deviant? Asking for The Week, with regard to a new HBO movie that says that yes he was. -TheWeek
  • Dean Norris, AKA Hank from Breaking Bad, was on NPR’s Fresh Air recently and I haven’t gotten a chance to listen to it yet, but I bet it’s great! I’m going to listen to it later today! You should, too! -NPR
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  1. vegan macaroons? I know you can make delicious vegan cakes, but vegan macaroons are harder to imagine. They’re a meringue-based desert, right? How can that be vegan? Somewhere my Grandmother senses a disturbance in the force, and will make all the meringue pies forthwith. She will probably also butcher a rooster, but that is just how she rolls.

    • Wow, I am really a jerk about that. I hope your wedding was great with your tiny french cookies! Ignore the angry blue internet lady!

      • Please don’t, everybody! Don’t ignore her! She’s right. I hope the wedding invite said “Only vegan food will be served” so I could have gotten a cheeseburger beforehand. Cause gross.

        • Hey, I will let you know I made a super kick-ass gazpacho on Sunday and it is delicious and my friend took some home with her because it was super hot here the past few days and vegan soup sounded like the only way to make it through the heat. I also make a really rocking lentil soup. Not all vegan food is terrible, and honestly I am not a fan of cake or sugar in general but I’d make a few concessions for people who took the time to come to my little dream wedding in Big Sur… which would probably be to myself because that way I’d get to pick out ALL the Kitchenaid blenders.

          • I’ve had lots of vegan food, I have no doubt that your gazpacho was totally great! But it is also sometimes gross. But I also agree with djfreshie down there that I shouldn’t judge wedding food. So I’ll probably get the cheeseburger AFTER the wedding…but then it’ll probably be because of all the vegan alcohol I drank.

          • vegan food is sometimes gross, not your gazpacho is sometimes gross. sorry. whoops.

          • Oh, I was worried for a little bit… but then I went and had MANY vegan drinks at a local sport match and came back and the spices melded in a lovely way and it was delicious. Also I’m not a vegan, I just like a lot of vegan food (and drinks).

    • I thought they were coconut-based cookies. Either way, Natalie Portman seems super low maintenance and fun.

      • Macaroons = coconut
        Macarons = eggs

        In either case, this is a non issue, because people can serve whatever they like at a wedding. IT’S THEIR WEDDING! I hate the judging of weddings and food and dress and whatnot. It is bananas, and I almost never stand for it. Waste of time.

        Here is how you waste less time: Never bring a gift to a wedding. if the food was enjoyable (ie. not vegan) you mail them a nice gift. If the wedding was less good, then mail them a less nice gift. Then you get to spend exactly zero seconds talking about weddings, and many seconds eating cheeseburgers.

      • You seem super nonjudgmental and fun.

  2. Gale Boetticher has a delicious recipe for vegan s’mores. (They play this clip on the Fresh Air interview with Hank, which is just great!)

  3. I’d like to take this time, for the first time in my life, to thank Santa for NOT giving me what I asked for at Christmas, because I’d hate to be married to a vegan.

    P.S. You still owe me a bike, motherfucker.

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