This is an imagine of Brad Pitt and his stunt double on the set of their new film The Counselor, written by Cormac McCarthy and directed by Ridley Scott. Those are the facts that I have, from a few different sources. But the question this image raises that I can’t seem to find the answer to online anywhere is: Which one of these grey-suited men is Brad Pitt? Is it the one on the left, or is it the one on the right? The one on the left seems to have Brad Pitt’s signature facial hair and head hair pulled back into a pony tail, but then you look over at the one on the right and he ALSO has Brad Pitt’s signature facial hair and head hair pulled back into a pony tail! I mean, I know stunt doubles are supposed to look enough like the actor they’re standing in for that the audience can’t tell the difference and their disbelief remains suspended, but this is just nuts! So please, for this week’s caption contest caption either Brad Pitt or Brad Pitt’s stunt double. Your guess is as good as mine as to which is which.

Winner will receive special mention in this week’s Monsters’ Ball. OR WILL THEIR STUNT DOUBLE?! Hahaha. JK. Just the winner will. (Image via Celebuzz.)

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  1. Doppelbängin’

  2. wasn’t Eddie Murphy supposed to be in the Twins sequel?

  3. I like Doug Pitt more.

  4. Hey, he needed to pay the bills after all the opportunities to body double for Skeet Ulrich disappeared faster than… well… Skeet Ulrich.

  5. See, there’s still hope for Jennifer Aniston yet.

  6. “You wanna double date?”

  7. “You see that lady over there?”
    “Let’s Houdini her.”
    “Yeah, okay.”

  8. Joe Black Meets Joe Black

  9. Spoiler alert: Brad Pitt doesn’t really exist; he’s just a mental projection of what the stunt double yearns to be.

  10. The quality of these Madame Tussauds sculptures is really on the decline.

  11. “Anyone ever tell you you look like James LeGros?”

  12. The Prestige 2

  13. Good luck pranking Brad Pitt now, George Clooney!

  14. Brad Pitt and Sad Pitt.

  15. 13 Monkeys

  16. I think the real question is who is the lady directly behind Brad Pitt (or his stunt double) and how do I get her job?

  17. Gwyneth Paltrow’s actual severed head is inside that bag the stunt double is holding.

  18. Why does Brad Pitt need a stunt double for a role as a lawyer in a movie written by Cormac McCarthy, anyway? His characters aren’t much for the running, jumping, and climbing trees shit.

  19. Mr. and Mr. Smith

  20. “.And the number one bar pickup line is…

    I’m Brad Pitt’s stunt double!”

  21. Their celebrity couple name is PradBit.

  22. How many chicks do you think he gets by telling them he is brad pitts stunt double?

  23. Their celebrity couple name is PuntBrubs.

  24. Their celebrity couple name is BruntPubbles.

  25. Um Kelly – “This is an imagine of Brad Pitt and his stunt double” – what is this Yahoo? I think us Videogum readers deserve a little better proof reading….sheesh.

  26. It’s the Pitts.

  27. Look buddy, let’s get one thing straight. You are not how much money I’ve got in the bank. You are not my job. You are not my family. You are not my age. You are not my problems. You are not my hopes. You are not a beautiful and unique slowflake…like I am.

  28. That’s not a stunt double. It’s the set for Multiplicity 2: Two Brads Too Curious

  29. The only way they can be told apart is for wardrobe to give the double slightly worse-fitting pants.

  30. I’m not sure I quite get the joke, I just see a photo of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton in the same clothes?

  31. You know whats worse than being Brad Pitt’s stunt double?
    Being shorter than the real Brad Pitt.

  32. “OK here is ANOTHER two Brad Pitts, NOW can you get them to change that damn lightbulb?”

  33. Can you feel the tension? I can! I can feel it… down in my plums. They’re getting a nice bluish hue, gettin’ ready to take ‘em to the farmer’s market.

  34. “[Rainman memorable quotes]“

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