FUN FACT: the letters of the TLC network once stood for The Learning Channel! Impress your friends at your next mud fart party!

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  1. “I immediately regret clicking on this.” — Me, exactly one minute and 4 seconds ago.

  2. TLC has rebranded itself as “The Loathsome Channel”

  3. The implication in the title is that she’s not here yet, right? What can we do to keep her from ever getting here?

  4. Something tells me this show won’t work – it’s the ratio of subtitles to the likelihood that people to whom this show appeals will be willing/able to read

  5. Anna is the pregnantist is sooo sooo sooo good

  6. Holy shit. That really is a scene from Idiocracy.

  7. I want there to be a way to opt-out of channels like TLC in my cable package. Like I pay premium for HBO, I would like to pay a different price to keep things like Comedy Central and BBC America, but take out TLC and The History Channel and anything showing me reality shows about pawn shops or teen moms or child beauty pageants.

  8. I’m sorry but the only thing I can think of after watching this is that that guy had sex with that woman at least 4 times.

  9. It doesn’t matter how many RC cars we throw at the moon, people like this are still on tv.

  10. Some quick math: Mama is 32, and Baby Daddy is 40. Their oldest daughter is 17. Mama was 15 when she was statutory impregnated by a 23-year-old Baby Daddy.

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere Comes Honey Boo Boo! They don’t care what we think!

    • That means that daughter Anna (“the pregnantist”) held out for Mr. Right two years longer than her mama. (God, I don’t even take any joy in mocking these people.)

  11. I do hope the one with the bucket on her head ends up being the only one to go to college.

  12. I realize that this makes me part of the problem, but I am going to watch the fuck out of this.

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