Mere weeks after releasing his first campaign theme for Mitt Romney, William Tapley is at it again! This morning Clint Eastwood announced his endorsement and now this? Can’t we just crown Romney president TODAY? (Via Christian Nightmares.)

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  1. “This is the worst thing done in the name of drunken sailors since Tailhook.”

  2. Wow, apparently Romney has some really creative murders planned for early November.

  3. i think asking what Mitt Romney will do with Barack Obama is not nearly as important as what he will do for a Klondike bar. because we just. dont. know.

  4. You know, that refrain actually rhymes if you sing it in Forest Gump Voice.

  5. I still don’t think I’ll vote for Romney, but I’m pretty sure I want to pick up a parrot and a bottle of rum on the way home from work.

  6. Is he available for weddings? Asking for a friend.

    • Way, hay
      It’s badideajeans’s wedding day
      Early in November

      What is she going to do with her single-dom?
      Strand it on the top of a mountain with a hungry grizzly bear
      Early in November

  7. “earl-eye”?

  8. Hey, I sent this tip in two weeks ago! No gratitude?

  9. this tune always reminds me of one of the madden games.

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