Uh. So. I really hated the cold open this week! It’s frustrating, because I do like the idea that Walt bought Walt Jr. the car that Skyler made him return the first time around — further proving (as if we need it) that she is too afraid of him now and he is too much of a jerk for her to have any say in any matter. That is a fine (not great since no doy we get it, but fine) idea to present in the cold open. But, my goodness, did it have to be presented in such a ridiculous way? From the beginning to end! DUBSTEP? Walt being SO EXCITED about the cars, pounding on the wheel? Selling the car to the guy for $50 and seeing the stupid hat in the backseat and looking at himself in the mirror with the stupid hat on? (Also, why was the hat in the backseat? You just left your hat in the backseat when you dropped off your car at the mechanics? WHAT IF YOU NEEDED IT?) Well, actually, those are two different kinds of annoying. The part where he looked at himself in the window with the hat on is in the same kind of comic book tone that I hated last season (and that you guys LOVED, apparently) when Gus walked out of the room without half a face before collapsing. You jerks (just kidding you’re the best!) defended it by saying that Breaking Bad has always had a somewhat comic book-like tone and probably Vince Gilligan said in an interview at one point that he loves comic books or whatever, but TO ME what is nice about Breaking Bad is that, for the most part, the character’s intentions are reasonable and when crazy stuff happens there is a clear, basically realistic path to that crazy stuff, and it doesn’t make you so mad to watch. Walt having a hat that he wears when taking on his even crazier alter-ego is unnecessarily fantastic, and taints the idea of watching a real human’s descent into the crazy, mixed up world of drug dealing. That is why that is annoying — it just feels lazy and inconsistent. (Also another annoying thing was the mechanic saying whatever he said about how “free is always nice.” OK WE GET IT NOW.) Why buying the cars was annoying is because it just doesn’t make any sense. If Walt’s main objective right now is to surpass Gus Fring in becoming World’s Best Meth Kingpin, why would he do the opposite of what allowed Gus Fring to meth under the radar for so long? Like. What? (I guess the point would be to show that he is so smart that he doesn’t even have to drive a Volvo or whatever and he can still not raise any suspicion. But that is also dumb. Dumb plan for a dummy.) Isn’t he supposed to be smart? Even if he is crazy, it’s just not believable that his desire to WIN WIN WIN at the drug game wouldn’t surpass his apparent boner for cars. And, ugh, the dubstep. So maddening. UGH. But anyway, let’s talk about the rest of it. The rest of it wasn’t as upsetting.

We open on Ms. Anxious Lady, who has two different shoes on:

Women be anxious! Mike tells her that we’ve got company, and then in walk Hank and the rest of the DEA guys with their mad, suspicious faces. She shows them to the warehouse or whatever, and they take away “her guy” — Ron. It was a little hard to pay attention to this part because I was still REELING from that cold open, but later she tells Mike about it on the phone, so worried, and he tells her that he’ll send a new guy. I do not like this woman character, I have to say. How did she ever even get into this business, if she’s so particular and anxious and crime-dumb all the time? How could she have ever been sure enough that she wouldn’t get caught to be able to function in daily life? Why would anyone ask someone like her to get in on it? WHAT’S THIS LADY’S STORY? Why is she so dumb?

Skyler comes back and sees the cars in the driveway, then has a silent, helpless dinner with her husband and son while they talk about doing donuts and Walt Jr. says a curse word.

Then she goes into the bathroom and DOES THIS HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE OF A THING:

STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP STOP! This was Black Swan Natalie Portman-peeling-off-her-skin level bad. Awful. Can we just stop here and go to bed? I’ve already had enough. No? I have to keep talking for at least 14,000 more words? Fine. So after the floss nightmare, Skyler and Walt go to bed. The lucky ducks. There Skyler suggests sending Walt Jr. to boarding school, making the mistake of revealing that her motivation is to “get the kids out of this environment.” “What’s wrong with their environment?” Walt asks, because he doesn’t even have a brain at all anymore. What follows is medium-level Walt intimidation, insisting that their environment has never been safer or better, and then he asks Skyler to throw him a party and make him a chocolate cake for his birthday while he rubs her arm like a creep. Mmm mmm mm, chocolate cake! Yummy yum yum. I hope we’re all invited!

The next morning, Skyler only makes Walt’s bacon into his age after being pressured by Walt Jr. It’s almost like she doesn’t even love him at all anymore!

At the DEA house, Hank and buddies talk about Gus. “Six feet under and half a face and he’s still screwing with us,” says Hank. They talk about Ms. Lady — her different shoes lead Hank to believe that she is not together enough to be a part of this meth ring “not to mention her vagina,” haha, just kidding, he didn’t say that part, but then he does say: “This may be unrelated, but blue meth is making a comeback.” Doyoyoy. “This may be unrelated, but my brother in law started wearing his horrible fedora again.” He says it’s either old supply leaking out, or someone has taken up the business. (If it is revealed that Hank knew about Walt this whole time — from seeing the tapes — this little bit is going to be frustrating. Does he want them to find them or what? What’s your motivation, Hank? What’s going on?) A man in a suit — the guy who has temporarily taken over for Merkert, the ASAC that was fired in the other episode — basically tells Hank to shhh shhh shhhhhhh about all of it, because Fring’s cooks are already dead and shhhhhhh shhh hush now, the baby is sleeping. He asks Hank’s partner to leave the room and then offers Hank the job of ASAC of the Albuquerque district office, which would take him off of the Fring case. It’s nice how that worked out! Huh! Good think Hank is a DEA genius and now he’s off the Fring case and probably it’ll be closed soon. PHEW!

Walt leaves work early, telling Jesse that it’s his birthday and he thinks there’s a party waiting for him at home. “Why wasn’t I invited,” Jesse says quietly to himself. “I just thought…” The scene closes focused on Jesse’s face, tears welling up in his eyes.

JK. But Walt leaves early, and comes home to an empty house.

AWWWWWW, POOR BABY! Who among us hasn’t been there, right? Despite your better judgement you’ve set your birthday hopes high, just to have them dashed by the people you care about most. Poor guy. So sorry, Walt. But at least Skyler invited over Hank and Marie, and AT LEAST she made him a chocolate cake “as requested.” Heartless woman! BIRTHDAYS ONLY COME ONCE A YEAR, AND HE WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE! While Hank and Marie drive to the non-party, Marie spills the beans about Skyler’s infidelity.

Elsewhere, the new guy shows up at Ms. Lady’s warehouse and it’s Jesse! Awww! Hi, Jesse!

She is suspicious of him at first, but then he makes eyes at her and her heart melts to the floor and she shows him where the barrel is. But uh-oh! Look what’s clearly on the barrel in a way that is just so obvious that no one actually trying to track anything would ever do it, I don’t even!


While sitting outside at the non-party, Walt Jr. talks about his car for a while and then leaves and then Walt begins a long, annoying monologue about how difficult this last year has been. “Caner, surgery, Hank being shot — so many dark days.” IF THEY ONLY KNEW! While he goes on and on, Skyler gets up and stands facing the pool.

Then, after what feels like hours of Walt talking and talking, Skyler slowly walks into the pool. “Skyler, isn’t that freezing?” asks Marie. Then when Skyler is underwater Marie asks, “She’s going to come up right? She has to.” Haha. All very good questions, Marie. “Do you think she’s killing herself? Will she stop? If she does die, will she go to Heaven? Will I go to Heaven, do you think?” Eventually Walt jumps in to pull her out, and when we return to the group they’ve put Skyler to bed and begin to talk about her mental wellbeing.

Marie suggests both having her talk to a therapist and that she and Hank take the kids for a day or two, to allow Walt and Skyler to work out things with each other. (Generally problems that cause a woman to walk wordlessly underwater are solved in 24-48 hours, every book says that.) Walt asks Marie if that was her idea and she confesses that no, it was Skyler’s. Walt doesn’t want the kids to be taken for any amount of time, but eventually agrees to an overnight stay. He gives Skyler this news, while she lies in bed with a scared face on.

Walt asks her what that was all about and she replies, “I don’t want my children here anymore; it’s not safe.” Walt tells her, again, that it has never been more safe. He says that he killed Gus Fring — “He was the threat, he was the danger.” Then Skyler, and everyone watching at home, says “I thought YOU were the danger.” YOU STUPID JERK. Oh, I hate this guy so much. I actually really liked this scene between the two of them. Walt’s demand for a plan that he knew Skyler wouldn’t have, and Skyler’s admission that although she does not have a plan — she’s not like him — she is not going to give up, and that every moment they are away from the house will be a small victory — that was all great, I thought! I don’t really have a counterpoint to that. It was just good! And realistic that a mother’s concern would lie with her children and not with herself — it became clear here that Skyler, as some may have thought, will not be killing herself this season, because she does not want to leave her children alone with Walt. She is just a normal, fairly powerless human trying to protect her kids from their abusive husband father. It was great! Liked it a lot. “All I can do is wait, that’s it.” “Wait for what, what are you waiting for?” “For the cancer to come back.” Boom. I hope it comes back, Skyler! I’m with ya, grrrrl!

The next scene is this other horrible thing:

With the blood dripping down? Terrible. NO THX DO NOT WANT 2 WATCH THAT. After that Walt gets a call and says, “Ok, ok. Relax, I’m coming.” As it turns out it was Jesse, who was with Mike, freaking out about the tracker being on the methylamine, and not having a methylamine supplier anymore. Mike is not so worried, though. “Even by cop standards, this is sloppy,” he says, looking at a photo of the tracker on Jesse’s phone. He figures that Ms. Lady put the tracker on herself so she wouldn’t have to deal with them anymore, fooling them into thinking that her supply is being watched. Dumb lady. I mean, unnecessarily dumb lady. Why would this lady think that this obviously placed device would fool anyone? WHY IS THIS LADY SO DUMB? I mean, we know Jesse is so dumb, but why is this lady so dumb? In any case, Mike decides that he’s going to have to kill her, which, whatever, but adorable Jesse suggests that maybe they just tell her, “Cut the crap and keep the methylamine coming.” Hahaha. What a sweetheart. Mike tells him he’s being sexist and that she deserves to die as much as any man ever has, which is fair enough, but then Jesse demands they leave it up to a vote. Mr. Hat fiddles with a loose thread on his had before he responds, which annoyed me so much.

There has been a lot of very obvious imagery in this season, which I have — up until this episode — largely given the benefit of the doubt, but my patience with it all is kind of wearing thin. A loose thread on his stupid Heisenberg hat? WHAT COULD IT MEAN?! Anyway, Walt says, “The methlamene keeps flowing no matter what. We are not slowing down, we’re just getting started. Nothing stops this train. Nothing.” So, whatever. There we are. On his way out, Jesse stops him to give him a birthday present, because Jesse is adorable.

What a nice kid! So sweet. Get outta the biz, ur too sweet for it!

After receiving the watch, Walt drives home and acts like everything is fine when he finds Skyler in the living room, smoking. “So. Are you coming to bed?” he asks. She doesn’t respond and he walks away, coming back into the room to tell her that somebody who wanted to murder him a few weeks ago gave him a watch today. “He changed his mind about me Skyler, and so will you.” Yuck. This guy.

Before turning out the light, Walt glances over at the watch.

After the watch ticks so loudly past 50, the episode cuts to black. AHHHH, WHAT DOES IT MEAN AGAIN?! To be honest, it’s hard to tell if Breaking Bad is, as Gabe said last night, “breaking a little bad,” or if Walt’s ridiculous escapades, and the show’s too on-the-nose imagery, will turn around into something clever as the season progresses. I still have hope! This episode made me mad a bunch of times, but I do still have hope. We’ll see.

NEXT WEEK: Walt returns the watch for something more his taste?!

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  2. i love jesse so much. every time he’s nice or conscientious it breaks my heart because you just know something AWFUL is going to happen to him.

  3. omg Kelly, the opening was fine. Everything about the opening was ridiculous. It was total ‘Bro’ territory. “Bro, check out my cool car, bro!” “That’s cool, bro. But I don’t have a cool car.” “Bro, let’s go get you one too!” “Bro!” “BRO!!!” THe music was perfect for that. It reminded me very much of Jesse season 1.

    As for the comic book argument (which I think I contributed to in some capacity), Walt’s hat doesn’t turn him into another person called Heisenberg. Walt isn’t Jim Carrey and this isn’t The Mask (published by Dark Horse). As far as the comic book comparison goes, I think the general argument was that this show is heavy in symbolism and foreshadowing, whether it be with objects or colors, and Gustavo’s end was a moment of that. Other examples could be Mike watching the Caine Mutiny in ‘Madrigal,’ when the threat of Mike’s guys folding became a very real issue, or when Hector was watching Bridge on the River Kwai and then later he blows up Gus.

    Heisenberg is only an extension of Walt. Walt’s Id is running amok right now. And, no, Walt isn’t supposed to be smart in this regard. The man makes mistakes constantly.

    • Speaking of visual stuff, I’m surprised the recap didn’t take umbrage with Skyler ashing into Walt’s ‘Happy 51st Birthday’ mug. One could make the argument that a mug like that is SO over the top. Another argument could be that one year after a cancer diagnosis, a mug like that could definitely be a gift for Walt.

      Opinions will vary on that one, for sure.

    • You forgot the other obvious imagery of crazy woman trying to kill herself in water. Nice Ophelia moment, Skyler. Very Awakening.

    • Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • Thank you! I’ve had to remove myself from all Reddit Breaking Bad conversation for this exact reason. Everyone on there takes the whole Heisenberg/Walt split as though he’s schizophrenic or something. They always say that Walt is “turning into” Heisenberg, like they’re two different people. It’s not Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, it’s, “Walt has let his selfishness and his power hungry nature take over, and now he’s acting like a complete sociopathic ass.” They take it to literally and say things like, “Walt is dead. He’s Heisenberg now.” I think that cheapens the the transformation he’s had by looking at it as some kind of split personality disorder instead of what it really is.

      People keep saying that the transformation is unrealistic, but honestly, try to put yourself in his shoes. He was fighting for his life, and very very close to losing, and then he turns around and conquers his most dangerous and daunting enemy. That changes a person, and if you are already as clearly predisposed to having a giant ego as Walter is, it changes you into a monstrous shithead.

      But hey, follow your heart, right?

    • Vince Gilligan has said in interviews that the Gus’s death was done that way because he wanted it super obvious that Gus was dead for real, and didn’t wan’t people speculating that he maybe somehow survived the explosion if we didn’t see him actually die, like they did with Jesse shooting Gale at the end of season 3.

      I’m not a super-fan of the face-blown-half-off effect, as it was distractingly improbable, but the motivation behind it was more to do with klling the character definitively rather than an attempt at comic-bookiness.

  4. Poor, sweet, ugly, split-pea green Pontiac Aztek. May you join the Crystal Ship in the great junkyard in the sky:

  5. Regarding your questions of Lydia- Gus-Suave-o Fring kept her sane and confident. Gus is dead. He’s been found out as a drug manufacturer. His empire is crumbling. She was part of his empire. Her confidence is crumbling. Plus, she almost died, like, two episodes ago.

    • If feel I have been a little brash. It just seems as shows start ramping up to their big finales, the recaps usually start to get super-critical and war-weary, demanding nothing less than perfection, and it got me a little on the defensive side.

      • Also, I liked Rian Johnson’s direction on his second Breaking Bad outing (previously directing ‘Fly’), from the crazy-ridiculous opening to the hypnotizing, serene pool water and everything in between.

    • Thank you so much for this comment. That Kelly would even question why Lydia is so unhinged right now blew my mind.

    • Likely under Gus’ reign, when everything was running smoothly, all she had to do was basically “look the other way” while other people did illicit things under her nose. Now that she’s actually having to commit crimes, rather than just be an accessory, she’s freaking out.

  6. I was so surprised when a Chrysler commercial aired halfway through the episode. Did you guys even suspect that tie-in?

    • Whaaat? Coincidentally, I’ve been checking out their lease rates. Pretty reasonable if you ask me. I recommend heading down to your local Chrysler-Dodge dealer and talking to a salesman. Thank me later.

  7. I hated the opening scene too, not as much as I hated Walking Gus since this was more about the direction of the scene and not the actual scene. BrBr usually has a scene like that every once in a while, with the quick cuts and fast zooms and such but not usually stranded in the cold open which just made it weird since it didn’t lead to any on particular scene. But what do I know, I actually like Marie.

    • I also hated it. (And I like Marie. But I liked Walking Gus, so. Win some, lose some.)

      I hated it because I hate dubstep, and because I don’t think that particular scene fits the style of the show. But I like that the directors of Breaking Bad try new things, so I take the ones that don’t appeal to me particularly in stride, because obviously (somehow) a lot of people DID like this scene.

      But two things I cannot abide: the overdone trope of an oppressed woman walking into the water, and the repeated closeups on that clock at the end. That latter one, particularly, felt like a parody. The former was just… misguided (but, admittedly, nicely shot).

  8. As a female shoe enthusiast I was offended by the suggestion that all women have two pairs of black heels.

  9. What if Lydia was wearing a wire when she asked Jesse what Mike’s last name was????

    • That makes sense but then why would she stop Pinkman from taking the drum?

      • Good question – because she’s panicking and trying to get out on both ends? If she gets Jesse/Walt/Mike to think the drums are being watched then they leave her alone but she could still be giving them to the feds so the feds leave her alone (make her a deal).

  10. Dos cosas:
    Where’s the supplier’s ware house if Jesse flies to it and drives 900 miles back?
    Do you guys think Mike got to Jesse and they bugged Walt’s watch?

    • Houston, TX She had a Texas flag as her wallpaper and it’s roughly 883 miles away from ABQ. Makes sense as it’s a port city.

      And, no.

    • No because he said there was a gift receipt so he could exchange it.

    • I think it’s very possible. They made a big point of ending last week with Walt scaring Jesse. While I think he hasn’t lost all loyalty toward Walt, he’s smart enough to hedge his bets.

      There was speculation last week that maybe the “right under my nose” DEA office scene indicated Hank knew the truth about Walt. After this week I highly doubt that’s the case, but I could see the show setting up for some kind of reveal at mid-season, and Jesse being secretly Team Mike would fit.

    • Interesting. I was kind of bummed by the watch thing because, even though I totally CALLED IT last week with the ticking sound in Walt’s living room, I thought it’d manifest as an actual plot point and not some lame ham-fisted college-freshman symbolic bullshit. But maybe it will come to something after all?

  11. Skylar’s going to kill Walt.

  12. Man, this whole episode made me feel physically uncomfortable. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it was one of the hardest episodes to watch in a while. That whole dinner/pool scene? Yikes!

    • The following bedroom scene kept it up. Reminded me a lot of the Godfather Pt II: they’re arguing about Kay/Skylar taking the children away, Michael/Walt monologues about how he will use everything in his power to keep the kids with him, and then Kay/Skylar drops the abortion/waiting for the cancer bomb on him. Mob Week on AMC!

    • Yeah, it’s one thing to watch drug dealers kill each other, but watching Walt psychologically abuse Skylar is rough.

  13. “Everything’s okay. The kids are watching Ratatouille”

  14. I don’t understand why Gabe/Kelly didn’t like this episode. I think the show’s as good as ever this season, and this was my favorite episode yet this season. Meh. To each their own I guess.

    And I loved the opening, actually. It was fun!

  15. Uh, Jessie, nice watch and all? But a Groupon for some fucking methylamine might have been a better gift.

  16. Also, my favorite part was Lydia’s conference call and all the shit she was up to when she was supposed to be listening. Vince Gilligan has clearly sat through some epic, boring conference calls.

    However, if I were Lydia, I would wonder who’s watching my building so closely that Mike knows precisely when the DEA is walking in her door.

  17. I don’t really get Kelly’s complaint about the car. Isn’t the whole point to show how Walt’s hubris has completely taken control and he hasn’t learned from any of Gus’s methods? If Gus was the king, and Walt dethrones the king, then Walt doesn’t need to play by the king’s rules (this being Walt’s line of thinking.)

    Isn’t that the opposite of lazy and inconsistent? Lol i dunno. I thought this episode was great though!

    • Also, not to piggyback on my own bandwagon or whatever, but this show is NOT REALISTIC AT ALL AND NEVER HAS BEEN. Remember when two planes collided? Remember when Walt confronted Tuco and threw down that crazy crystal bomb thing like he was JAMES BOND? Remember MAGNETS?

      It is only realistic in the sense that the writers are very responsible in terms of how they treat their characters and give their choices an underlying sense of logic.

    • Yeah, I thought it did a good job serving it’s purpose, which was to show how Walt’s hubris will be his undoing.

  18. F Marry Kill:
    Hank, Walt & Mike
    Skylar, Marie & Holly.

    • Yes! Awesome! Fun!
      F Mike – guy knows how to get a job done!
      Marry Hank – really into rocks means knows how to pick out a diamond
      Kill Walt – duh.

    • Dudes:

      Marry Mike, I guess fuck Hank, Kill Walt


      Um…Marry Holly? Like, symbolically and not creepy?, Fuck Skylar, Stab Marie in her goddamn face (god I hate Marie).

      • Why does everyone hate Marie? I don’t LIKE-like her or anything, and I wouldn’t want to be her friend, because she’d probably just want to shop and get mani-pedis and eat lots of brunch, and those aren’t really my things, but I love watching Marie the Character. She’s funny.

        • I know, and I just love how she inadvertently put a wannabe drug kingpin’s beeness on blast. #teammarie

          • Related. We were having this discussion earlier on chat:

            Can you be a soccer mom without being a mom? I feel like Marie is the embodiment of this but perhaps there is a better more appropriate and equally reductive term. Thoughts?

          • I would just call her a brittle, type-a personality. Soccer mom’s have their shit together a lot more than Marie does.

        • But that’s part of loving the character is hating her isn’t it? Marie is necessary to that world, but if she were my sister butting her nose in my business when she can’t even handle herself I would actually have throttled her by now.

        • I think Marie is great. Betsy Brandt plays her perfectly. yes, she’s nosy— but she gets things done and she cares about her family.

          Who wants to set up an oncology dream team for Walt? Marie.
          Who understands and supports Walt’s decision to not pursue cancer treatment? Marie.
          Who promotes Walt Jr.’s website to the news to help pay for Walt’s cancer treatments?
          Who tells their insurance agency to fuck off when it becomes clear they are only towing the bottom line?
          Who gets a stubborn Hank to come home from the hospital with a handjob?
          Who lugged around box after box of mineral samples?
          Who went all the way back to the grocery store because Hank wanted CHEETOS, not Fritos?
          Would Hank be walking right now if not for Marie? Probably not.
          Who thinks it’s ludicrous not to throw Walt a birthday party? Marie.
          Who calls Walt five times and then waits for him after her sister has a nervous breakdown, in hopes that he can shed any light on the situation?
          Who is consistently concerned for the well being of her loved ones to a fault?


          I love Marie’s insane love of the color purple, and how she drives a blue VW Beetle because it’s the closest she can get to purple from VW’s stock paint selection. I love how overbearing she is. I love that she’s OCD and has kleptomania. She is endearing, her comments are funny and her coping mechanisms are tragic, human and relatable. Her husband’s a DEA agent, yet she will steal and frivolously lie to strangers to relieve stress. She’s a lot of fun to watch.

          • One of the great things about her is that she times her insanity so that it does not conflict with everyone else’s lapses in sanity/stability. Things are tough in the Heisenberg/White house, she’s no longer a klepto. Hank can walk and Walt’s cancer-free, she’s insulting the staff at the car wash. Skyler tells her STFU x 20, she’s all momma bear on her ass.

          • Her timing actually kind of makes sense. I’ve known people similar to Marie, and they basically get bored and invent their own crises when there aren’t enough going on in their friends/loved ones lives for them to co-dependently latch onto.

        • Oh, no. I love Marie. She’s the best. Everyone around her falls apart and she’s a rock. A neurotic rock constantly teetering on the edge of nervous breakdown, but she tries, she really does. Plus, I bet she’s a little dirty and that’s why Hank tolerates her.

    • F Marry Kill:
      Jane, Principal Carmen Molina, Wendy the Prostitute

    • Hmmm can I imprint on Holly like Jacob from Twilight, or is that just equally creepy?

    • f/m/k: Jr for all three

  19. Ok, I most definitely heard a gun cock right as the screen faded to black at the end. Am I really the only one? Clock ticking, then gun cocking? No?

    • Also, the last half of this episode was one of the most engrossing half-hours of TV I’ve ever seen.

    • Could just be Breaking Bad’s love of using sounds to elevate and foreshadow (like the elevator dinging like Hector’s bell after Gus spoke with Hank and the DEA about Gale, or like when Walt talks about Vincent at the end of ‘Hazard Pay,’ and as Jesse looks on you can hear the wail of police sirens from the nearby station, sounding like a warning sign to Jesse).

    • There’s definitely a sound but I heard it more as an old timey 60 Minutes stopwatch being stopped. Similar meaning but less over the top. Plus, a gun cocking makes a more distiinctive sound. You don’t really need to cock a hand gun these days and that doesn’t really make much of a noise. You do cock a pump shot gun but that’s a much bigger two part noise.

      • I just realized something.
        Goodfellas: Henry & Marie
        Breaking Bad: Hank & Marie

        That’s interesting if it’s a nod to Goodfellas. It’s also made me do some etymology searches for character names.

        Walter = ‘ruler of the army.’
        Jesse = ‘God’s gift.’
        Skyler = ‘scholar.’
        Flynn = ‘red/ruddy’
        Henry/Hank = ‘ruler of the home.’
        Marie = ‘rebellion/to be bitter’
        Mike = ‘Who is like God?’ (A: ‘no one’)/ Archangel
        Gustavo = ‘Staff of the Goths’ (a German tribe)

      • What a movie… again martin scorsese scored in good manner.. It is a film adaptation of the 1986 non-fiction book Wiseguy by Nicholas Pileggi, who co-wrote the screenplay with Scorsese. Goodfellas performed well at the box office, grossing $46.8 million domestically, well above its $25 million budget. If you want to start simple woodworking projects, it doesn’t need you to invest more money into tools. Even simple tools are enough to do your own projects by yourself. For more details please visit.. http://www.woodworkingprojectplans.biz/beginners-woodworking-bed-plans.html

  20. I kind of love that Hank noticed Lydia’s shoes. I think for sure Hank is going to figure out that Walt is Heisenberg, and I think he’s going to finally pay the price for it sometime near the end of this half-season. Maybe Walt’s hubris leads to him killing Hank which leads to the heat being on him or something. He’s just been set up as too good a detective with too many near misses, and as much as I love Skylar and think she is intelligent, if a layman like her can figure it out it’s only a matter of time before Hank does.

    I don’t think it’ll be through work with his new fancy job though. i think maybe he will finally decide to let Heisenberg go, and then something at the house or something Skylar says or does maybe will lead him to it.

  21. Really thought for about 2 seconds that there was going to be a giant explosion when that watch finished counting

  22. I’ve read a lot of recaps of this episode and this is the most critical, by about 5000 kilos.

    It was a great episode, in my view.

    I like Rian Johnson, but I think he’s watching too much Dexter. The floss, the blood dripping, the bacon?

  23. I pretty much have never written in a comments section to complain, because I’m all about the positivity, but I have to say this somewhere, and none of my friends go on this site, and I just want to voice this opinion one time, because internet (I stole that from someone in the comments section last week), so here goes: I love the site, but sometimes (sometimes, not always) I feel like the mission is to hate and complain and find things wrong about everything. That and never, ever break the rule that one must write sarcastically and in the same tone and voice all the time. I’m not trying to be a dick, I really do like this site, but does everything need to be drenched in sarcasm? And I’m not trying to say quit doing that entirely, not at all, I’m just trying to be reasonable and say can’t we sometimes drop the veneer? (I’ll be honest I’m not sure if I’m using that 100 percent correctly). It’s not my site to run, but it’s odd to look at Mad Men and Breaking Bad recaps that spend most of the time ripping on the shows when they’re pretty much brilliant and two of the best shows ever, and I certainly don’t walk away thinking they’re perfect but I also don’t walk away trying to find things wrong (I did love the True Blood recaps, because they deserved it and because you didn’t have to try to find things wrong with that show because there were so so many obvious things). Don’t you guys (and I mean Kelly and Gabe, who by the way I think are really good writers and most of the time really enjoy their voice and style) like anything? Even when you do like something, you still have to find everything that was wrong with it. Can’t there be the occasional change in style? Again, I actually love your style and voice, and even find myself emulating it in my own writing sometimes because it’s distinct and funny, but occasionally I feel like everyone’s is picking at everything so much that it takes away from the enjoyment of it. By nature, film and television narrative can’t be perfect, and sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and enjoy something. I know I’ve repeated myself a bit here but I just want to get out my point nicely and please don’t be mad at me because I respect you guys and the commenters on this site and would be kind of sad if people didn’t like me even though it’s the internet.

    • Don’t sweat it, jdizzle. I wrote a similar comment earlier in the thread vocalizing a similar concern/observation. You got it down to the specifics while keeping the spectrum broad by not just addressing the Breaking Bad recaps, but VGum recaps in general.

  24. I’ve read a lot of recaps of this episode and this is the most critical, by about 5000 kilos. Diff’rent Strokes for Diff’rent Folks.

    I like Rian Johnson, but I think he’s watching too much Dexter. The floss, the blood dripping, the bacon?

  25. The Lady in the Water.

  26. Speaking of which, Mike’s comments about sexism reminded me of similar comments about sexism by gangsters in the movie “Ghost Dog.”

    If that was intentional, it was major foreshadowing, either about Lydia or Skyler (or possibly both).

  27. MONSTERS: I made a fondant Walt for my dad’s birthday cake because he looks just like Walt and we love Breaking Bad. Turns out it was Walt’s BDAY too! Happy Birthday Walt/Dad.

  28. I really loved the brostep and the crazy camerawork in the car scene because brostep is for children and Walt and “Flynn” were behaving like children and it was heavily implied that if you were also enjoying the scene that you were in fact a child.

    Also I thought that both Seasons 3 and 4 started out kinda iffy and unbelievable and would I resigned myself that each season would be the season where the show would finally fail to live up to my impossibly high expectations and by the fifth or sixth episode I was completely drawn in again and blown away by every subsequent second.

    I feel like the bedroom argument scene in this episode was that moment for me for this season. At least I hope it was.

  29. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

    • 1) A lot of the men on this show are murderers psychopaths.
      2) I would argue Marie and Skyler are pretty strong female characters for such a male show, but even the strongest people have breaking points, like when you confirm that your husband is a psychopath who knows how to construct bombs and blow people up, or you’ve been berated by your crippled-by-gunshot husband for 3 months straight while putting on an encouraging smile of support and love.

      (I’m throwing the blanket term ‘psychopath’ around loosely, btw. I’m sure there is a more accurate term)

  30. I absolutely love the actress who plays Skyler, but I always sigh when her character comes on. She’s always a downer. Yes, there is no good reason for this, and I don’t know why I dislike her so much. Maybe I see the weakness in her and it reminds me of the weakness in me (#LOLFreud101) . No seriously why do I hate her? Marie makes me laugh but Skyler makes me crazy.

    PS I hated the opening too Kelly. I feel this is the weakest season so far.

    • Skyler has that same stare as Lori from The Walking Dead.

    • Probably just because her character is so tragic at this point, and you know nothing good is headed her way. It’s kind of painful to watch her constantly be creepily abused by Walt, knowing that eventually he’s likely going to kill her/get her killed somehow.

  31. So… Kelly signed up for the “How to write like Gabe” course? WHERE DO I SIGN UP FOR THAT COURSE?

    • Just noticed I’m in negative territory with that comment… To clarify, I’ve always really enjoyed Gabe’s writing, and I had to check the byline to see whether it’d been written by Gabe or not – That’s a compliment to Kelly (at least to me.) That’s why I said, “Where do I sign up for that course?”, to try to drive home that point.

      Anyway, to be extremely clear: Nice job on the Breaking Bad review, Kelly.

  32. oh man the newsroom got so bad this week! it was already bad but sunday it was really bad

  33. “Hey-oh, pool party!”

  34. Jesse’s gift is a clear message to Walt. Jesse is saying, “Your time is measured, BIT*H” but Walt is too blinded by his own ego to receive the message. His line to Skylar at the end is another example of just how far gone his clarity is. Walt gave Jesse a veiled threat (whether meant for Mike or not) at the end of S5EP3 and this watch was Jesse’s response. I am ready for Jesse Vs. Walt and I don’t have to tell you who I am cheering for BIT*HES!

    Jesse isn’t “staying sweet” for long.

    • Ding dong! We have a winner. Walt’s stance to Skylar that Jesse loves him now is just foreshadowing that Jesse actually doesn’t.

      Is it just me, or are we doing a lot of speculating on what’s going on in the heads of Jesse and Hank this season? We don’t know what Hank actually saw on the computer or what he was thinking when his boss was talking about a master criminal right under his nose. Meanwhile, we keep getting small glimpses of Jesse being really smart; the magnet solution, solving the logistical problems of cooking in the house, implications that he can cook by himself (which he can and did for the cartel). Theory: This season will be all Walt and Skyler; next season will be the same timeline, but from the perspective of Hank and Jesse, working together AGAINST Walt. Thematically, I think it plays out best with Hank and Jesse v. Walt, they being represented as pure-hearted. Walt, not so much.

      Skylar’s dead meat by Walt’s own ricin-filled hand…er…cigarette.

      • I don’t know about a Hank/Jesse teamup. Seems highly unlikely. Mike and Jesse, sure. Hank wouldn’t need Jesse so much unless he came to testify against Walt and that would not need any drawn out scheming. At most Jesse wears a wire one day and Walt is done.

        I could totally see Mike talking sense into Jesse if he can get to a point where he (Mike) doesn’t have to kill anybody for a while. Jesse just doesn’t like murdering people, he’s not a psycho/sociopath like Mike and Walt. He just wants Daddy and Daddy to stop fighting/murdering and be nice so they can cook meth and make boucoup money. Mike’s pragmatism is bound to have more sustainability than Walt’s hubris and that is more likely to coincide with Jesse’s desire for nicey nice down the road.

        • The reason I think Hank and Jesse is because how strongly the show is insinuating that it’s Mike. These guys (the writers) are good at making it look one way and having it end up being another (see the exaggerated reports of Ted’s death). But I do think something’s totally up with that watch. Hank’s playing his cards too close to the vest. Jesse’s not fooled any longer by Walt’s manipulations. We don’t know how he broke up with his girlfriend, but I’d bet he just sent them away for safety. After Walt pulled the old cigarette in the Roomba trick, I’m guessing Jesse saw through it for what it was. These are the things that are adding up to me.

          Obviously, all speculation and not a whole lot of evidence to go off of, but it’s a fun game to play.

          • It’s interesting to hear people take such interest and in turn theorize on aspects of the show I totally take at face value or immediately feel it to be a thematic choice/more symbolic than literal.

            Walt has been a man on borrowed time since episode 1.
            Skyler says she just has to wait for the cancer to come back.
            Jesse gives him a timekeeper as a gift; a watch.
            Walt tells Skyler that he’s going to wait for HER to come around to HIM.
            Close up on watch as precious time ticks by…

            It’s thematic.

          • Ah, man, you’re pissing in my cheerios with all of your logic and understanding…

            I predicted Ted wasn’t dead last year. I also predicted Jesse and Hank v. Walt. I just want it to be right so bad. Maybe then, somebody will love me. :(

          • I think Jesse totally IS being fooled by Walt’s manipulations, he had that breakdown when they found the ricin about how he almost shot Walt. I don’t think he could ever flip back against Walt at this point (aside from if he finds out that it really was Walt who perpetrated the Lilly of the Valley/Brock thing).

            Hank’s definitely got something up his sleeves, and Walt’s practically begging to get caught with his conspicuous consumption and by going full-steam-ahead with the meth production despite the unfavorable circumstances.

            My favorite part was when Jesse thanked Walt for helping him prevent Lydia from getting killed by Mike and Walt sleepily replied “Huh? Oh, right,” clearly he was only thinking about making more meth and wasn’t really doing it out of solidarity to Jesse.

      • I think, more dramatically, Walt Jr. will somehow get the ricin. It is the only thing left that I can think of that would ground Walt and bring him back to reality. I don’t even know if Skylar’s death would wake Walt up at this point. I think Skylar survives this entire mess and leaves for Mexico with the baby.

        We know in the flash forward, Walt is sans wedding ring and I think getting ready for some sort of battle/hunt. He is either on the run or in pursuit. I can’t wait to find out.

        • I agree Hank knows more than we know he knows (: but I don’t think Hank is working with Jesse. I think, more likely, Jesse is on his own. He may not know everything Walt has done (Jane, for example), but I think Jesse saw through Walt during the ricin search and now he is just getting ready to take his stand. I think Jesse sees Mike as more of the father figure he longs for because, quite simply, Mike has served that role better, but I don’t think Mike and Jesse are teamed up.

          And I agree we are doing a lot of “What is Hank and Jesse thinking” speculation this season. People have talked about the writers using heavy-handed imagery and foreshadowing, but I think we need to remember what show we are watching; Misguiding us is what this show does best.

          One thing is fore sure, Sal makes it out alive (:

  35. Did anyone else think that the shot of Walt trying to get Skyler out of the pool made him look like a horror movie villian sneaking up on his victim?

  36. This show should be called “Bacon Bad.”

    • GASP! With so many breakfast scenes opening with a shot of bacon and scrambled eggs on a plate (including, I want to say, the very first scene after the opening of S01E01), do you guys think Breaking Bad is constantly paying homage to the ‘This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs’ PSAs?!

      Walt’s going to get his head bashed in by Rachel Leigh Cook with a frying pan!

  37. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  38. 1. Skylar clearly wants Walt dead since she’s feeding him regular bacon instead of turkey bacon (like last year’s birthday breakfast). She’s hoping to get him unhealthy in any way possible.

    2. Skylar’s wish comes true. Walt’s cancer does come back. Remember his little cough in the bathroom of the Denny’s at the beginning of the first episode this season. I’m guessing he’s lost it all, his cancer has come back, and he’s not fighting it (b/c he has his hair so he isn’t undergoing treatment). He’s going to go out in a blaze of glory since he knows he’s dying anyway.

    3. I don’t think Jesse has any bad intentions. I don’t think he’s plotting anything with anyone. He’s just a nice guy who wants to get along with everybody.

    4. I also don’t think Hank knows anything about Walt being Heisenberg.

    5. I feel like there was something missed in this recap. No one commented on it either. Oh this is going to drive me crazy. I think I need to watch the episode again. :)

    • My bet is that Walt, after ascending to the top of the meth business, has a “what have I done” type moment of clarity (a-la “Bridge Over the River Kwai”) and goes off his meds, decides to take down his entire business and everyone involved (including himself) in order to save his family.

    • Oh, maybe the thing no one mentioned was that Hank said they were putting a detail together to follow Mike. Hmm, seems like that should have been done ASAP. Also, maybe that will lead to people getting caught. I’m not sure. Mike seems to be pretty good at knowing when people are being followed.

  39. I know it’s a minor quibble about a tv show character, but can everyone please recognize Skyler’s name is spelled with an E, not an A. Skyler.
    The show’s been on for five years.
    We’ve been chattering about it on the internet for a while.
    Please try to spell her name correctly.

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