Yep! That works! Ice cream, please! More and more ice cream forever, please! More and more ice cream forever until we all go to sleep together and have nightmares about ice cream and then wake up and eat it and eat it and eat it until we die! Yum yum yum! (Via Gawker.)

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  1. I for one was shocked that it turned out to be Little Baby’s and not Little Babies.

  2. whoever made this commercial is taking the “i scream, you scream we all scream” jingle to the next level.

  3. That person must be freezing!!!!

  4. Cillian Murphy’s career has really taken a hit.

  5. Trying to make everyone hate a commercial for frozen food? You’re REALLY sticking with this “Today we are all Orson Welles” theme, huh?

  6. The Hills Have Ice

  7. That’s exactly the way I’ve always pictured a homunculus to look.

  8. By the way, off-topic, but does the Bing ad look to anyone else like it reads, “The Bing Summer of Dong”?

    • Thank you. Yes. I actually posted this same thing with a screen shot about a week ago, but I don’t blame you for Spiderdonging since it was late.

      But that had to be noticed by their advertising staff. “Bing is for Dong”? Seriously? “The Bing Summer of Dong… Riding”? Seriously? “Start Dong”? You’re still totally serious now, Bing?

      Also mentioned in the previous thread, but that Celebuzz ad with the lady’s bazoongas has to go. If you are waiting for me to guess which celebrity’s boobs those are, I don’t know okay? I don’t know who it is, just leave me alone. Okay, it’s Tom Hanks. No? Okay, well I tried. So, you can leave now.

  9. So they hired a marketing firm from Japan and used Babelfish to translate the announcer’s text?

  10. If I’m going to steal food from a baby, I’m definitely taking candy. I hear it’s the easiest.

  11. I scream for ice cream my lost sanity

  12. werner herzog is really challenging the genre of the commercial with this one!

  13. This looks like an Australopithecus.


  15. Well, 5 seconds was enough for me. Time to go sit in the fetal position in the shower for the rest of the day. BYE!

  16. Well there you go. I will never be able to eat ice cream again.

    Sidenote – Nick Cage? Is that you?

  17. Glad to see nutella girl is getting some work!

  18. I am 7 months pregnant and have been craving ice cream daily for almost as long… UNTIL NOW. Thanks, I guess.

  19. He eats babies?!!!

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