Growing tired of the limitations enforced by making movies that one can’t even be disappointed by anymore because yuck who cares why did you even see it, twistmaster M. Night Shyamalan has decided to take his twisty twist twists to a television show on SyFy. Oh! From TVLine:

The cable network has given a put-pilot commitment to Proof, a drama co-written and exec produced by Shyamalan and Noxon and directed by Shyamalan, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The project — which marks Shyamalan’s first stab at scripted television — follows the son of a billionaire tech genius who, after the unexpected passing of his parents, offers up a big financial reward to anyone who can find proof of life after death.

We’ve attempted guessing the twists in M. Night Shyamalan’s work before (with success?) (does anyone know if it was with success?), but television is a WHOLE NEW BALLGAME THAT IS ACTUALLY NOT A BALLGAME AT ALL, OR AT LEAST NOT HOW YOU IMAGINED IT WAS, ALSO GHOSTS! What kind of twists do you think are going to pop up in his TV show? I’ll tell you the ones I think will first, and then you tell me the ones you think. 

  • TV show is actually a movie.
  • Billionaire tech genius is actually a baby with a big suit on.
  • Person searching for proof of the afterlife actually discovers that they are ALREADY IN the afterlife, through finding proof of the beforelife.
  • Parents are not dead, just poor, so they faked their death and hired someone to “prove” to the son that there is an afterlife and then they took 70% of the money and never spoke to their son again.
  • Son is actually mom’s brother.
  • Son falls in love and THAT is the proof of life after death.

Maybe! Can’t wait to see and be so surprised!

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  1. The twist: It’s actually great and everybody loves it!

  2. The twist: it’s called Lost.

  3. The twist is that it gets cancelled before we find out what the twist is.

  4. The Twist: It doesn’t take the place of a popular, yet inexplicably cancelled SyFy show (ya burnt, syfy!)

  5. Mitt Romney paid his taxes in chick filet coupons wwwhhhuuuuuttt?? – Jay Leno

  6. The twist: billionaire tech genius is really a ghost, so he already knows the answer and just wants to mess with people.

  7. The twist – billionaire tech genius’ company is Jukt Micronics so there is no prize money.

  8. This sounds like an idea best left to Clive Palmer…

  9. The monster at the end of the book is Grover.

  10. You can only contact the dead through Facebook Connect.

  11. The guy who writes the deus ex malcontent blog was M Night Shyamalan the whole time

  12. It’s actually just footage of the Isley Brothers playing “Twist & Shout” for 22 minutes a week, forever.

  13. All the people are farts and God is a big butt.

  14. The twist is that the trees are poison to ghosts.

  15. His parents faked their deaths as part of a scam to win the million dollars but then it turns out the million dollars was fake and they never had a son

  16. turns out it was his sled the entire time, rosebud… wait… what?

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