Dr. William Bell is the world record holder for pole vault in his age bracket. He is 90 years old.

Uhhh. NO EXCUSES TODAY, BOYS! Today we are going to pole that vault. (Wait. No, yeah, that’s right. It looked weird at first, but I’m sure that’s right.) Congratulations to Dr. William Bell on his world record in being the oldest person to make us all look like a bunch of apathetic blobs. Let’s get out there! Run around! Take your shirt off! Jump real high! You can do it! YOPVO! (Via WithLeather.)

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  1. Maaaan, old age is supposed to be all about high-waisted pants, yelling at kids, and sittin’ in a rocking chair, not doing a thing. This guy’s doing it all wrong!

  2. Watching this video at my desk with a sore knee and a mild hangover isn’t helping my self esteem any.

  3. He gets excited to break a world record. I get excited to get wastey-faced tonight. Yeesh.

  4. Happy Birthday Gabe – gives you hope as you get OLDER doesn’t it!?!?!?!?!?!

  5. When I’m 90, I’m going to be great at telling everyone how often I refreshed Videogum to see new posts.

  6. ah That’s why we don’t see much of William Bell in Fringe anymore… he’s off to some alternate universe filled with whatever the hell it is filled with…

  7. I need to find something that no one in in their 20s does so I can be a “world record holder in my age group.”

    The only thing I can think of is “having sex with 90 year old men”

  8. At first I was like “BO-RING. Best in his 90 year old age group? What’s the record, 16 inches??” all drunk on relative youth, then I sobered up and watched the video and holy crow. I couldn’t pole vault over a speed bump and I’m only 29. You’ve won my frugal respect, old sir.

  9. He’s getting ready to compete in the OLD-LYMPICS!

    my job here is done.

  10. Why is this post tagged with death and dying? This guy is very much alive!

  11. If he can hang on until 100 he’ll do even better, the world record height is 2′ 4″.

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