• Our boys are on the cover of Rolling Stone this month, and in the online edition you can find a wonderful behind-the-scenes video interview that includes a wonderful moment where wonderful Aaron Paul nuzzles a wonderful lamb. It’s all just too much. -RollingStone
  • The trailer for the new season (“series”) (“if you must”) of Dr. Who was released today. I wonder what kind of adventures his closet will take him on this time around, right? That Dr. Who! He’ll get into anything. -Guardian
  • Kyle Newman, director of Fanboys, has signed on to direct Chewie, the behind-the-scenes story about Chewbacca from Star Wars. I’m telling you think because I know you are a nerd. -io9
  • This “excited train guy” video has been going around a lot today and I talked to Gabe about it this morning and he asked if it wasn’t just a double rainbow guy parody and now HyperVocal is asking the same thing. Why aren’t more people asking this important question? -HyperVocal
  • FilmDrunk has a post up called “a brief cinematic history of women with more than two breasts.” Can you guess everything they mention before you click through? Probably, right? Gross. You are so gross and weird. -FilmDrunk
  • You may unfortunately remember “Tan Mom,” the mom who tans and also I think brought her daughter to tan with her and that was the controversy? And I’m sure she was on morning shows to talk about it? Who knows. Anyway she is a little less tan now, tell all ur friens. -Dlisted
  • Speaking of things that are horrible and let’s never actually talk about them, but just so we all keep up to date on the state of things: There is a show on TLC called My Teen Is Pregnant And So Am I. Pretty cool stuff! -Uproxx
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  1. While we’re on the subject of corporate boycotts because of awful things, can we throw TLC in there with Chik-Fil-A?

  2. not looking closely and Cranston looks like John Travolta on that cover.

  3. Can we do weekly Doctor Who recaps? Can we, can we? Please!

    (also, he’s just the Doctor, not Dr.Who)

    • Is he Dr. House?

    • YES! That would be so much fun!

      How ’bout that trailer? Looks so great! River lookin’ fierce in that hat! The Doctor gettin’ all shouty with Amy! Exceeept, is anyone else as sick of Daleks as I am? Sorry if you really love Daleks, but I am a little over them.

      • I am so done with Daleks! Especially after Davies used them for every single finale. It got boring real fast. I hope Moffat puts a good twist on it, but the WW2 Daleks episode is def one of my least favorite from Smith’s seasons.

        • Yes! Davies just overused them sooo much! And every time it was like, “I thought I destroyed ALL the Daleks last time!” And they’d be all like, “Nope! We survived in a convoluted way!” And then at the end of that episode everyone was just, “Thank goodness we’ve FINALLY, definitely cleared up that Dalek thing! We probably won’t be seeing them again!” I am hoping against hope that Moffat has something cool up his sleeve too.

      • I could take the Daleks or leave them. I was not a fan of the big, bright blue/yellow/white Daleks from the WWII episode. Those were silly. You know what’s not silly? That baby Weeping Angel statue. That is straight up terrifying.

        Also, the show is Doctor Who. Not Dr. Who.

      • My problem with the Daleks is that they keep on getting completely killed off, and then brought back again. CHOOSE ONE. Either they are wiped out or they are still around, cripes.

    • When my 15 year old niece visited over the summer, I found out she’s a huge Dr.Who nerd (like her aunt), so I gave her my prized Tardis mug. Passing the torch.

      • The one we share??? I love that mug, but I really only use it to hold dog treats. It’s a great way to get your pets into Dr. Who.

        Also the Dr. Who lunchbox is on sale at the BBC store right now and I really really really want it.

        Also I love Daleks. I think they’re hilarious.

        • That’s the one! I had to take the dog treats out of it ;)

        • speaking of doctor who gear: thinkgeek’s functioning sonic screwdriver is not a very good functioning screwdriver.

          • That’s why I like food-holding things. I can use that lunchbox to hold food or jewelry or actually my non-sonic screwdrivers because I do need a better organizer than a cloth bag. Plus it’s not plastic, which helps me stay smug about whatever it is that I am smug about right now.

    • I can already tell I’m going to cry so much when whatever happens to Amy and Rory happens. Possibly even Rose-level tears. And let me just tell you, that’s a lot of tears.

    • Dr. Who is on first.

      I’ll show myself out.

  4. I haven’t refreshed the page before I typed this, but hopefully someone has pointed out that the show is called DOCTOR Who, not Dr. Who, and he is just the DOCTOR, not Dr. Who.

  5. I just watched the Rolling Stone Breaking Bad interview and uh yeah. I felt obliged to say it is all too much, especially on the heels of the Idris Elba massacre.

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