BREAKING NEWS: all the women died today when their hearts exploded out through their vaginas upon seeing this photo of a smiling Idris Elba holding a very adorable dog in a room with tasteful and eclectic wallpaper. At first the women were only SEVERELY INJURED (vaginally) by the photo of a smiling Idris Elba holding a very adorable dog in a room with tasteful and eclectic wallpaper, but upon noticing a lighted glass case filled with high-heeled shoes, gourmet cupcakes, and CHAMPAGNE ON ICE in the background, they immediately died. R.I.P. to all the women and a lot of the men, too. They are survived by Idris Elba and the adorable dog. (Via Pajiba.)

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  1. 8-2-2012: The day vaginae died. Please get Brian McKnight to play at the memorial.

  2. Oh but what a death it is.

  3. Beware of Idris Elba in general! His name is just an anagram for RABID LIES!

  4. We wouldn’t have died so quickly, except we’d all been weakened by his advance troops, Benedict Cumberbatch.
    And they call us monsters.

    • Those two need to just be in something together to finish off any stragglers who weren’t already done in.

    • So I was at this bakery with champagne and cupcakes and high-heeled shoes, and IDRIS ELBA WALKED IN and I just died. Then i asked him if I could take a picture of him and he said YES and oh my god i died. THEN he PICKED UP THIS PUPPY like it came out of his POCKET or something and I DIED like seriously i am dead now. Idris Elba killed me.

    • Okay honestly, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here because there is no way on Beyonce’s green Earth, that Benedict Cumberbatch is attractive. At BEST he looks part lizard, at worst, he looks part lizard and like he unhinges his jaw to eat but so many women love him. I don’t get it!!!
      If I was to describe him in a nicer way it would be “he has an interesting face and an unusually forked tongue” I mean….maybe I need glasses or I’m looking at a different Benedict Cumberbatch but WHAT IS GOING ON?!

  5. Or to put it in a way us nerds can relate to, Idris Elba is to ladies as Slave Leia is to us.

  6. Man, I was so busy saving this picture I didn’t realize it killed me and made me a vagina ghost.

  7. I’ll be in my bunk.

  8. so this is what, like a 110 degree day?

  9. As a GAY man, I passed my heart like a kidney stone!

  10. Phew I can still comment as a ghost.

  11. I think there is also a take out tray of sushi in the background, GHOSTS.

  12. But what are the crutches for?? I must know.

  13. I think those spare crutches were there for the initial symptoms of vaginal explosion: wobbly knees.

  14. “DCI John Luther, you are under arrest for the genocide of every straight woman and gay man on Earth. And we’re going to have to take Mr. Fluffybun into evidence.”

  15. In lieu of flowers, watch Season 2 of Luther again.

  16. So last time Gabe posted a picture of Idris Elba, I asked that it become a regular feature. After this installation, I would like to ask that it be a daily feature, but with this disclaimer so I can block the path from heart to vagina beforehand.

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