It hard to imagine that there are many among us who are exempt from re-learning the life lesson each and every day that you can’t always get what you want. Maybe you learn it when you want to watch what seems like the same Olympic swimming event that has been on TV for the last five days right now live, and you can’t watch it until later. Maybe you learn it when your Internet connection that you pay an obscene amount of money for and rely on to do your job just refuses to work pretty much all morning, and that isn’t something that is unusual. Or maybe you learn it when you made a low-budget sequel to Raging Bull and want call it Raging Bull II, even though you did not make Raging Bull I, and MGM, the studio that did make Raging Bull and maintain Jake LaMotta’s (your) life rights, which sounds very serious, says nah-uh, so then you have to think of a different name. You can’t always get what you want! That’s the thing. From The Hollywood Reporter:

MGM is resolving its legal fight with ex-boxer Jake LaMotta over a planned sequel to Raging Bull.

Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the studio, which owns rights to the 1980 Martin Scorsese-directed classic starring Robert De Niro as LaMotta, has agreed to drop its lawsuit and LaMotta and producers will change the title of their movie from Raging Bull 2 to The Bronx Bull, which was LaMotta’s nickname.

Producers also will issue a press release publicly disassociating the project from the MGM movie, according to sources. In exchange, the suit will be dismissed.

Obviously they have already settled on the name The Bronx Bull, seemingly making this brain-storming session not as helpful as usual, but maybe we can think of a better name for them and then they can kind of decide what they want to do, with all the facts at hand? Good. Let’s do it.

  • Angry Bull Boxer II
  • Ragin’ Bull II
  • Someone As Robert De Niro As Jake LaMotta II
  • Raging Bül II
  • The Boxer (Not That One — Jake LaMotta) II
  • The Boxing Bull: Can He Survive?
  • Step It Up II: The Rage
  • The Bronx Bull (AKA Raging Bull II)

All good! What do you think? You have any ideas? Those guys will definitely think twice before not coming here before naming their movie again!

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