There are some real good trailers this week, but man oh man, if ever it was true that movie trailers are giving too much away, this week is a good case in point. Pretty much every trailer! It’s like yer seein’ tha whole movie!!!! Too much. Whatever happened to the art of seduction, AM I RIGHT, LADIES?! I’m just saying: I would want to see a movie that had all these famous people and beautiful photography and a moody soundtrack even if it was just artfully cobbled together to suggest the themes and tone, you don’t have to straight up show five consecutive minutes of act 3 in your trailer. Leave something to the imagination, trailers! Oh well. Still, there are some good ones this week, like I said. Here they are:

Killing Them Softly

Yes! This looks so good! I have watched this trailer twice! I love a good road warrior mob movie that involves “sticking up a game.” Also: Gandolfini. I think I’ve mentioned but I started rewatching The Sopranos from the beginning recently and I’ve got one word for you: Gandolfini.

The Paperboy

Sure. “Now imagine if Zac Efron was white.” John Grisham presents the Zac Efron Briefs. I’m not the world’s biggest Precious fan of all time, and this seems a little scenery-chewing on the part of EVERYONE INVOLVED, but also it was based on a book by Pete Dexter, who also co-wrote the screenplay, and Pete Dexter is one of my favorite writers of all time, so there you go.


See? Gives too much away. Luckily, everything it has to give looks GREAT.

The Big Wedding

Nah. Thanks, though!

Paranormal Activity 4

Gabe, describe the movie that you care the least about of all time. “Para4mal Activity.”

Taken 2

I feel like we’ve already watched this trailer, but it was going around again this week, and let’s watch it again because, uh, hello, McBiff, TAKEN 2! Also, I’m not a huge fan of parodic YouTube videos, but this “Taken with a Real Dad” video is pretty good.

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  1. I still wish that Taken 2 was about Liam Neeson’s dad rescuing him from kidnappers. A rare miss, producers of the Taken franchise.

  2. it’s amazing how many films are shot in and around new orleans these days. i guess the book ‘killing them softly’ was based in massachusetts, but i hope in the film they firmly tie to the new orleans’ matranga family, which is one of the oldest mafia families in the country, and its boss during the 70s and 80s, carlos marcello. i was actually just talking to a man this weekend whose family had come over from sicily, and he told me how absolutely bonkers the french quarter was when it was little italy- vendetta murders were de rigeur, and police wouldn’t even bother to enter the area. but his grandfather escaped all of that by working on a strawberry plantation instead.

  3. Really disappointed in The Paperboy trailer. VIDEOGUM EVERYWHERE MISSION:
    Let’s all buy houses on the same side of the street. We’re gonna need like 20. And then half of us will subscribe to the newspaper. And when the paperboy comes, we all run out and chase him with grim reapers and tornados and shit. And then we change how many of us keep our paper subscriptions on a daily basis, depending on his performance.

  4. Yup, these new-style trailers save me tons of money on movies, not sure why they give away the “Cliffs Notes” for free these days but it really frees up time on my schedule.*

    *I don’t actually have a schedule.

  5. No mention of the Topher Grace cameo??? Finally we know what is up with him!

  6. Could you recommend a Pete Dexter book?

  7. MACY GRAY? I’m sold.

  8. Fred OvOxo Garcia  |   Posted on Aug 4th, 2012 0

    I saw KILLING THEM SOFTLY in Cannes, and I was drunk but it was really really cool. Warning though, it is a really really reaaaaaalllyyyyyyy slow movie. And the trailer makes you think it’s well shot when you must know its amazingly beautifull aesthetically. The trailer makes you think there are many action scenes, and it’s not true. The trailer WANTS you to think that Gandolfini has many scenes in the movie when actually it’s not true… So as you can see, this whole trailer is nothing but a big lie. Yeah, shocker… But still.
    Go watch this.
    And fuck Taken.

  9. Taken 2 is to be same as liam’s rescue movies like a-team, taken 1… Killing them softly has good audience support.

    The Chicken Coop

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