Break ups are tough, but it’s important to just get back in that saddle. This guy has a lot of qualities and hopefully someone out there fits his requirements. Something does tell me that the demand for absolutely no pimples but also a ferocious love of vampires is going to make the search take a little bit longer (BOOM! YA BURNT, VAMPIRE FETISH COMMUNITY AKA AMERICA USA!) but she’s got 2 be out there. The important thing is that we are all deserving of love, and sometimes the reason we don’t find it is because we are too scared to ask for what we want, so good on this guy for just getting out there and being VERY HONEST about what he is looking for in this world. Very honest. Nothing else going on here. Plain as day. Just the facts, ma’am. Good on him. Be open. Live your lives. XOXOXOXOX. (Via BuzzFeed.)

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  1. I don’t like making fun of children on the internet, but I am not above shaking my head and facepalming at children on the internet.

    I would also make a Chris Hansen joke, but really, I kind of feel like we all need his Hanseny protection in this case.

  2. Is this considered a prequel to 2011′s Guy Code?

  3. This is a joke, right? This is too perfect to be real. These people don’t exist outside of beautiful imagination.

  4. What the hell are vampierge?

  5. Hermadafodite sounds like a pretty flower.

  6. Kind of a tragedy, right guys? That he can wax poetically but can’t wax those eyebrows.

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s Trudy Wiegel.

  8. I call shennanigans. This kid is acting super gay (clutching pearls) and lisping while messing up gender pronouns. Too suspicious!

  9. Fake and Hermaphedite or Hermadaffadite I don’t even know what that is but I’m going to assume it has something to do with homosexualality and atheism.

  10. I need a kit kat bar.

  11. In this day and age, I think it is healthy for Tha Kidz to have an internet relationship. I think it helps them with their conversation skills, and it shows that they are much more interested in personality than looks. Though I’m sure they’re only asking questions about each other’s looks.

  12. Fake and Gay?

  13. Before even watching the video I gave my standard “Thank you Little Baby Jesus that the internet wasn’t widespread enough when I was a kid that I could have posted something like this.”

  14. I really wasn’t expecting that surprise guest appearance by Mr. Whiskers.

  15. FAKE AND SAD :(

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