Bradley Cooper is currently starring in a stage production of The Elephant Man. Good for him! Boy, acting is a tough profession. You’re always at the whim of the writers and directors and producers. It’s like we think these actors are just robotic monkeys who will just do their robotic monkey dances at our command! The most you can really hope for as a professional actor is to find a role that interests you even just a little bit, something that you can crawl inside of and live in for a little while, a character that you can take a bath with. If their face is all screwed up because they are the Elephant Man, even better, right, actors? Get into it! Explore the space. Make the role your own. Open yourself up to the human bathxperience. Powerful stuff. The A-Team 2: The Elephant Team. (Bradley Cooper reprising his role as FACE.)

There are lots of other great pictures of Bradley Cooper as the Elephant Man. This one’s a fav! Love that one. Inside the actor’s hospital. Such a good acting. Never go full acting. Acting. (Click through to enlarge. Click through! Enlarge enlarge enlarge! Right click save to desktop make wallpaper. Via TheSuperficial.)

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  1. You know, at the time I thought it was overkill, but something about these pictures really makes me want to go back in time and picket People for choosing him as Sexiest Man Alive.

  2. If I remember the story correctly, the Elephant Man was considered a freak because his abs were TOO perfect.

  3. “Je ne suis pas un animal!”

  4. Here he looks more like the Cialis man.

  5. I didn’t know elephant man had an invisible phone

  6. Super off topic, but I received two pieces of ALL CAPS BREAKING NEWS from friends via text so far this week and I’m kind of concerned that I haven’t seen them here yet. What’s up guys? Do we not care about NEWS anymore??

    1 – Snoop Dogg had a spiritual awakening and changed his name to Snoop Lion, his new spirit animal, and will now only release reggae albums

    2 – They’re remaking Big trouble in Little China with Nathan Fillion as Jack Burton and Chow Yun Fat as Egg Shen. I’m conflicted on this because BTiLC is PERFECT and why do they need to fuck with it, but also Nathan Fillion and Chow Yun Fat would be awesome. But also, if it was anyone else I could just ignore it and continue enjoying the perfection that is the original. And also, why do they have to remake it? Why can’t Nathan Fillion and Chow Yun Fat just make a new on-purpose-cheesy movie together?Then again, if they have to mess with my childhood memories, they picked some really great people to do it. This is a really confusing and difficult time for me, you guys.

  7. Will the ghost of Michael Jackson try to get Bradley Cooper’s bones? #timelyjokes

  8. “I am NOT an animal-I am the sexiest man alive! With a mild case of Bell’s Palsy-maybe!

  9. Why is everyone on the subway staring at me? Oh, because I was reading this and laughing A LOT.

  10. Pfffffft. After you’ve seen Billy Crudup prance around the stage in his undies as the Elephant Man (like ten years ago on Broadway), Bradley Cooper seems like the watered-down version touring Omaha.


  12. I wish i could eat in the tub, is that restricted to elephant people.

  13. Broadwaywood: We want to do the Elephant Man, but how can we make it SEXY for the modern audience? How about, instead of being horribly disfigured, he’s an outcast because he’s TOO HANDSOME?

  14. So what is up with the pictures of Joseph Merrick (the person Elephant Man was based on) behind Bradley Cooper?
    “See that person here! Pretend that person over there looks just like him! THE MAGIC OF THEEEEAAATRE!”

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