Did you watch the whole thing? All 10 minutes? Great! Feeling good? Calm, right? So calm. So soothed. Just floating down the rivers of your mind. I’m going to post a video of a man who has an unhealthy relationship with balloons later. Shhhhhh! Watch this video again! Gwyneth Paltrow is the new spokesfaceson for Hugo Boss perfume. Soothe yourself. Hush now. Let’s take it back to zero. This safe zone will be here all day. Whenever you get scared or infuriated, you can always come back here.

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  1. this video is making me have to pee

  2. Gabe don’t post the balloon video! That is old, I already know he is my boyfriend.

  3. You know, this is actually VERY soothing. It also reminds me that I need to do laundry tonight, but mostly it is soothing. Thanks, Gabe!

  4. It almost made me forget that people love chicken sandwiches more that human rights. Breathe…..calm…..creek

  5. My dissident bladder kept trying to mutiny against the general and all encompassing calmness… damn you, liquid filled pouch…

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