LISTEN UP: CBS is rebooting The Brady Bunch and Vince Vaughn is the executive producer. I didn’t want to keep that info from you for even ONE SENTENCE before letting you in on what everyone’s buzzing about at the single-serving pod coffee machine this morning because I VALUE YOUR TIME, OBVIOUSLY. This is already a successful idea just from the things you’ve read already, but just wait until you hear where they’re taking the premise! From The Hollywood Reporter:

The network has given a script commitment to a reboot of The Brady Bunch from executive producer Vince Vaughn and CBS Television Studios, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The multicamera comedy about the famed TV family would revolve around the youngest of Mike Brady’s boys, Bobby Brady, as the divorced dad with kids remarries and stars a new family.

While the ABC comedy, that made stars out of Florence Henderson and its sprawling cast, revolved around Mike and Carol, their former spouses were never depicted and rarely mentioned. (Carol was divorced, while Mike’s previous wife passed away.) The CBS effort would include both Bobby and his new bride’s exes and, like the original, feature their kids from previous marriages as well as the couple’s shared child.

Ooooo, modern! Both a modern and super-specific premise that is completely tied to everyone’s memory of The Brady Bunch and could certainly never be called anything else if they just didn’t mention that the father’s name was Bobby Brady. Bravo, Vince Vaughn. You did it again. Dollar signs in all our eyes. But the big question is, and I can’t believe the blurb didn’t go into this — WHO IS GOING TO PLAY THE MAID?!

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  1. The dad is called Mike Brady. Hand in your pop culture journalism card, Kelly.

  2. Finally. I know if there was one thing the people of America were clamoring for in these dark and scary times, it was a Brady Bunch reboot. I can only hope that ABC hears my prayers for F-TROOP 2000.

  3. “So it’ll be a lot like the old Brady Bunch, only this time the dad will be a smug prick. See literally every character I’ve ever played for reference.” – Vince Vaughn

  4. The REAL question is, will The Bradys remain canon? Anybody remember that? The super-depressing reboot that made Bobby a parapalegic and Marsha an alcoholic? Because that would be HILARIOUS.

  5. Mom always says not to play Wii in the house!

    • What would the tone for this show be? Something like Modern Family? It be cool if they did something like The Brady Bunch movie but they won’t. CBS and their refusal to let the multicamera sitcom die, keeping live studio audiences with steady work.

  6. They keep rebooting the wrong franchises. When are we going to get OUR generation’s Murder She Wrote?

  7. “Oh hey, you guys are rebooting the Brady Bunch?”

  8. Know what else Vince Vaughn is executive producing? MASSIVE BOWEL MOVEMENTS.

  9. Just gonna put this here…

    • This show drove me crazy. Why are there mountains in the opening sequence? And a theme park? YOU TAKE PLACE IN THE MILWAUKEE SUBURBS on a lot in Burbank. Ugh this show.

  10. oh god i told my mom and she is FUMING, she is just yelling about how much she hates Vince Vaughn. Being home is GREAT.

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