• I bet you thought today was kind of a boring day and nothing interesting at all was ever going to happen to you or anyone else during it, right? Well, you are so wrong and so dumb because look at all these cool new Twilight stills that were just released!!!!!! -FilmDrunk
  • Lots of people are upset with NBC about how they’ve been handling their non-live Olympic coverage, and NBC Sports Chairman Mark Lazarus responded to that a bit, and now everyone is more mad at his response, even though it mostly makes sense even though it is condescending? How mad are you about it, personally? -Uproxx
  • Speaking of asking you how you feel about things, how do you feel about The Hobbit officially becoming a trilogy?! Do you think it makes Peter Jackson a sellout? Are you so mad or are you so happy? Which one are you?! -TheWeek
  • It looks like there might be a Super Troopers 2 in the works, just when the world needed another Super Troopers movie the most: now. And also: anytime. And also: hey, your favorite movie! -HyperVocal
  • This is sad! Because of THE INCIDENT, ABC has dropped Fred Willard’s sketch comedy show that I guess had only been on for one episode so far. He could’ve finally made it! -WashingtonPost
  • Here is a photo of Will Ferrell shooting Billy on the Street. That guy! -PopCultureBrain
  • Here are some photos of Elizabeth Olsen and Dakota Fanning wearing what some are calling “matching shorts.” UHHHHHHHH. Well, you tell ME if you think these gals are wearing “matching shorts” or not. Until then: STOP THE IMPORTANT PRESSES. -DailyMail
  • Oh, and hey! Here are more photos! This time they’re of the next season of Parks and Recreation, in Washington DC! What a day for photographs, right. What a day. -HuffPostTV
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  1. not so much NBC – although their coverage has been through-and-through awful [i believe the english call it "rubbish"] – but what the hell American media?! some people want to not know what happens until they can watch it! keep the results headlines in a spoiler space or something! FUCK!

    • i suppose that i am in fact madder than i had previously thought.

    • I got really mad (mostly at myself) just now because I saw a slight spoiler on Twitter for the gymnastics final! Thankfully it didn’t spoil the whole thing, but I’m still mad!!!

    • As frustrating as NBC’s coverage has been, there is no such thing as a sports spoiler.

      • It’s more depressing to me that NBC wants us to buy into their whole “narrative story arc” version of the Olympics than anything else. I was able to see the Olympics on Canadian TV back in 1996, and they honest-to-goodness just showed the sports without the heartwarming stories in-between, and it was so much better than the American broadcasts we also received, to the point that we almost exclusively watched on the CBC.

        • Yeah, cycling gets the same treatment by Versus(now NBCSports). When they actually cover a race, they shoehorn in USA-centric stories that are often irrelevant to what is actually happening. Fortunately it’s usually easy to find a decent stream of EuroSport.

          Our avatars would be having a very different conversation.

  2. The Daily Mail has never been one of the “important presses.”

    • But that is why it’s so much fun to read when you’re waiting for your websites to load. I just learned about Kim Kardashian’s unflattering dress and which body parts the editors want to sew together to make the ultimate bikini body. It’s AMAZING JOURNALISM.

      • I’m always concerned that if I click on any of their stories I’ll be put on a list somewhere. I’ll start getting banned from bookstores and museums.


          Real caption: Tough times ahead for Bear as he’ll have to live with just one of his parents

          • NOOOOOO WILL NO ONE THINK OF BEAR?? Kristen!!! How could you act so foolishly as to tear apart the happy home that Bear has come to know and love? Forcing him to endure what will surely be a vicious and contentious custody dispute?! Will this be settled Air Bud style? With Rob on one side and Kristen on the other calling for him? WHO WILL HE CHOOSE?? AHHHHHHH.

          • By “Air Bud style” I thought you meant they were going to make the dog play basketball and if the final score added up to an even number the dog went to Cedric Diggory and if it was an odd number he went to to the girl from that Jodie Foster movie.
            (I haven’t seen either Air Bud or Twilight, obviously).

          • It’s the Ribsy/Dizzy of the new generation!

            (and no one will get that, but I don’t care)

          • Did they break up? I spent ten minutes in a grocery store line today and everything seemed cool between them. EVERYTHING SEEMED COOL! What is happening?!? The American Dream is dead!

            On a somewhat related note: why does every magazine every month offer sex tips? Am I the only person who doesn’t think it’s that complicated? You’d think that all the sex secrets would be out there by now. It’s the parts of one person rubbing against the parts of another person. How many permutations of that can there be? I guess what I’m really asking is, am I a crappy lover? WHAT DON’T I KNOW?

            No, just kidding, but that’s what they WANT me to think, with their infinite sex tips. I just need cereal and cheese, goddammit. I didn’t come to the grocery store to examine the entirety of my sexual history under a harsh new light.

  3. That’s a shame about Trust Us With Your Life. I think it’s really Wayne Brady’s show though. It wasn’t as good as his live improv show, but it was better than most of the junk on TV.

  4. Those shorts do not match. Not only are they different shades of green, but Elizabeth’s have some kind of hippie patches for pockets. Lazy journalism.

  5. Legend makes masturbation mistake, few people seem to care about it: We can’t have that pervert on in the middle of summer, CANCELED!

    Generally reviled show concept with tired and offensive jokes which basically every critic and person declares unfit for air: We here at ABC stand by our great new show, Work It! Stubbornly airing like four episodes for you this fall!

  6. Was there anybody who DIDN’T think Peter Jackson was a sellout already? Dude sold out YEARS ago!

  7. Fred Willard can always go back to his old job as Mitt Romney’s dad.

  8. Super Troopers Sequel? Yay!

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