Krispy’s cousin/friend/director Dave is the George Clooney of on set pranks in the low budget independent YouTube music video world. Also probably the inspiration for James. There’s a least a little bit of Dave in James. A spark of grinning cruelty. (Thanks for the tip, Chris Trash and Lizz Westman.)

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  1. dave proves he’s as good of a prankster as he is director and editor.

  2. All pranks should involve firearms. You paying attention, Hanks?

  3. “Damn, everyone’s jacking my swag these days” -george clooney href:

  4. It’s cool that he wasn’t a Stiffly Stifferson about it.

  5. When is he getting his web-based reality show already? Everyone’s getting one, so KK will DEF be getting one. I just need to know when so I can clear my calendar to make sure we can all watch it together like the family we are.

  6. Dave is clearly a very, very patient man.

  7. THIS IS THE BEST DAY EVER!! I also like that krispy is trying to annunciate words better.

  8. This seems more like a prank James would pull, but I’m only basing that on his prior actions of stealing bikes and kidnapping Money Maker Mike.

  9. Who allowed those mentally challenged children to play with weapons?

  10. I got halfway through this and had to turn it off because I was sure that someone would end up dead by the end of the video. After all, as Chekov said, if there’s a gun in the first minute of a viral video, it’s going to go off by the third minute of a viral video.

  11. so glad you finally posted this so I can share THIS

  12. Speaking as a professional editor, I have to compliment Dave on having the restraint to let entire scenes play out in one take instead of cutting to other coverage (of which I’m sure they had tons) thereby letting the performances really stand out.

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