Ryan Murphy posted this photo to Twitter of Maroon 5′s Adam Levine on the set of American Horror Story. What a terrible sentence for some of us–could be any of us–to have to type and/or read! I’m not a huge fan of Ryan Murphy’s shows (not because I think they’re bad, but just because they’re not for me). Glee is not for me. I hate horror movies so why would I watch a horror TV show. ETC. I’m not a big fan of Maroon 5′s music (because I think they’re bad) and I don’t watch American Horror Story (as mentioned) and Twitter is lame. IT ADDS UP. But now that we have labored over all of that, can we talk about this photo? Haha! I know that this is just a behind the scenes photo and it’s supposed to be a fun glimpse for the fans, and all of that is totally fine, but IS THAT “BLOODY FACE” GRAFFITI SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY AT SOME POINT? Do they really think that once they get their Hollywood lighting going and the smoke machine kicks in and it’s magic hour that the camera is going to pan over this ridiculous BLOODY FACE graffiti and people are going to lose their minds? It doesn’t even look like it was drawn by a child. It looks like it was drawn by a production assistant pretending to be a child. Bloody Face. SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKY! Hahahah. BOO! AHHHHH! BLOODY FACE, NOT AGAIN!

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  1. Did Mariah Carey teach him how to hold that flashlight? So natural!

    • Maybe he just holds it like that so when it’s dark, other people will think there is a person of normal height holding a flashlight.

  2. I actually watched the entire first season of American Horror Story for reasons I can’t really explain even to myself. I think my initial thought was “Zachary Quinto is in this. I like him.” Then even though it was enormously stupid, I wanted to know what was going to happen. Spoiler alert: lots of dumb stuff.

    • Me too, man. I’m thinking about making t-shirts that say, “I watched the first season of American Horror Story and all I got was this lousy mental image of Dylan McDermott masturbating and crying.”

    • I liked American Horror Story. The ending was not very good though.

      SPOILERS That Christmas tree scene was the worst SPOILERS

      I’ll give the second season a shot.

    • It was ridiculous and I watched every second of it. It is prefect Videogum fodder, right up there with True Blood, the recaps could be a-a-a-a-a-mazing. We could make so many “Everyone is Ghosts!” jokes.

  3. poor bloody face doesn’t have a nose to sing out of!

  4. Maroon 5 is an American Horror Story.

  5. Gabe, if you’re a ghost rape afficionado (duh, of course you are) then you really did yourself a disservice by not watching American Horror Story.

  6. I think what I dislike most about this photo is Adam Levine’s gross armpit hair! I get that dudes (and some ladies) have armpit hair but I find it very gross. Don’t wear tank tops if you have armpit hair and if you happen to be wearing a tank top behind the scenes, don’t lift your arm and expose all that gross armpit hair to the camera. Gross. The Voice? more like The Gross.

  7. It’s almost as if the god of the internet (Al Gore?) said, “y’know, it’s been a pretty slow summer in terms of v-gum related news. I feel bad for Gabe and Kelly, let me gift a picture upon thee. Let the snarky commenting commence!”

    eh, I don’t even know what I’m talking about. There was just a lot of funny in here, that’s all.

    I’m an American Horror Story.

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