Hey, I know you like to do your own thing! Your originality and out-there personality are things that people really love or for sure tolerate about you, and that’s great. No one is trying to change you. Definitely use your solar-powered refrigerator that even makes ice cubes and your hand-crank blender and your compost toilet and your no shower to your heart’s content. I’m sure you’ve even had your fair share of odd residences in the past! Maybe you once lived in a reappropriated carnival ride, or maybe you lived in a moon bounce in your friend’s basement because the rent was super cheap and when are you ever going to get another chance to live in a moon bounce? All are fine. Live life. But I do have to make one request of you, and it might sound harsh but it is really not meant to sound harsh and perhaps the fact that it sounds harsh is really a main part of the problem: PLEASE DO NOT LIVE IN A SCHOOL BUS!

Really the thing that stuck out to me from this incredibly long video about this couple’s anxiety cabin full of sweet childhood compartment dreams is HOW NICE THAT GUY’S DAD MUST BE! He comes to visit? And sleeps on a wooden plank? IN HIS SON’S SCHOOL BUS HOUSE?! What a dad! Here’s to that dad. You seem great. But maybe next time you should get a hotel room, YOU DESERVE IT! (Via ViralViral.)

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  1. “It’s really a lesson in frugality.” Give me a break. This is a GROSS lesson in GROSS life.

  2. “Since I was a boy, my dream was to turn my entire life into one giant Rube Goldberg machine.” – this guy

    • “Since I was a boy, my dream was to be Otto the Bus Driver in the Simpsons, with a hint of Comic Book Guy, and a healthy heaping of DOH!” — same guy

    • “The optimal location to poop on a bus is right in the middle, so everyone has to pass through your poop cloud if they want to move around.” – still him

    • “Sometimes, on our roadtrips, I enjoy the nice waft of BO, poop, and coffee aromas. It really gets my spirit going for the long drive ahead.” — Just keeps going, this guy.

  3. yes, the blue and white paint will let people know that you’re normal people. yes.

  4. Wait, there’s more than one person living there? WAIT, THEY HAD A RENTER AT ONE TIME? This is just boggling of the mind all around.

    • It sounded like they rented that “room” out before they finished it and moved in themselves, so really, that just makes them dicks because it was probably a friend who temporarily needed a place to live and they had free space but made him pay for it?

  5. Ok, I couldn’t make it through more than about four minutes of their nonsense. Can someone with a stronger will than me let me know what their reasoning is for having two-thirds of what seems to be a VW Bus on top of their full size school bus? Thank you.

  6. I dated a guy in high school who had grown up in a school bus turned mobile home. He was ok, but his family was suuuuper weird. His parents were Pentecostal fundamentalist pastors (I had been blissfully unaware that we had these in Canada). Two of his brothers ended up in a comitted, long term relationship to each other, his sister was shotgun-married and had a baby at 15. I recently ran into his brother who told me my ex has been married and divorced 3 times in the 10 years since we dated and has one child by each, the new wife doesn’t let him see the first two kids because she doesn’t want her daughter to have to compete for his affections…

    I’m sure all of this was probably due to a combination of the crazy religious and growing up sleeping on school benches in a fucking bus, and not to the bus in itself, but my point is 100% please do not live in a school bus.

    • The couple in the video should read this comment and take it to heart. For the love of jeebus, take it to heart!!!

    • I will say this for the parents: when the first brother came out, before anyone knew he was with the other brother which is just weird but whatever makes you happy and they’re both very nice and strangely normal, the parents resigned as pastors of the church because they didn’t want to be a part of something that said their son couldn’t join them in heaven. Which was super surprising for everyone and really awesome of them. I think they went back when they found out the brothers were together, though. Like, “Woops, I guess you guys were right they’re definitely deviants.” But good for them for taking their son’s side over the church’s.

    • “Two of his brothers ended up in a comitted, long term relationship to each other…’ AHHH WHAAATTT??

    • In my hill-people surrounded childhood we had a few families at my school who lived in converted buses. One family was super fundamentalist and the other had meth parents. Takes all kinds!

      • I grew up in a pretty redneck-y town and we never had any bus houses! I feel slightly cheated. I did know a guy in high school who bought a used bus, painted it funky colors, and drove his girlfriend around town like he was the coolest.

        There was also an “almost” incest (since we’re kind of talking about incest) scandal in my town! These people didn’t live on a bus, but to make a long story short, these two teenagers started dating, and their parents had to put a stop to it, because there was a chance they were half siblings. Turns out, the girl’s mom and the guy’s dad had been having an affair for over 20 years. They did a paternity test and yep. They were half siblings all right. The fallout was crazy. Small towns! They’re fun!

        • Ooh, I would gladly trade meth bus children for possible incest gossip! I don’t think we had any incest gossip….. We had three bus families, an apartment complex made from converted chicken coops where the “bad kids” lived and gave you lice, and the vice principal’s daughter and her bff did sexual favors for money and got caught, but no potential incest countdown; that would have been dynamic.

          • Yeah, it was quite the to do and fed the rumor mill for a long while!! Mostly everyone speculated about whether or not the two kids had gotten physical before the affair came to light. And how the spouses could’ve not known about a 20+ year long affair. And then there was a whole custody thing and divorces and estrangement and a teenage pregnancy and a run for city council (not even joking.) It was like our very own IRL soap opera.

            Re: the vice principal’s daughter – it always seems to be the case that the children of principals/pastors/mayors/people in positions of authority get caught doing the scandalous stuff!

      • When I lived in Montreal there was a schoolbus full of hippies that was parked on our street for a while. They had illegally tapped into a nearby power transformer and the smell on the entire street was absolutely surreal. When they finally drove away there was a huge, nasty stain on the road where the bus had been. It lasted several months. Do not live on a bus.

    • I actually grew up living on a bus. My parents were a weird combination of fundamentalists/hippies. Maybe not something I’d choose for my own family but it was ok. We moved around a lot (obviously) so I got to see some pretty great places.

  7. Oh, now you tell me. What am I supposed to do with my Octoloan now?

  8. Sorry Kelly, but I’ve wanted to live in a bus ever since I saw Camp Nowhere.

  9. Also, does anyone else get the:

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    Because I’m pretty sure the answer is say no to living in buses, and spiders.

  10. 1. They are wicked optimistic about having guests.

    2. They live in a house that is a vehicle and they seem not to travel?

    3. “Interesting” people who live in buses take up around 1/4 the parking spaces in my town.

  11. More like the Merry No Thanksters.

  12. I think this is neat. I couldn’t do it, but good for them. Seriously. The world would be a better place if more smug people with neat innovations went off the grid for awhile instead of breeding, moving to the Slope and getting pieces written about them by the NY Times Style Section.* I’d love to go off the grid and live in a yurt with my dog, but you can’t *actually* write code with an abacus.

    *I’m sure these people are hella sad that Good Magazine folded before they could be interviewed. They seem like the worst and I’m pretty sure their bus runs on their own self-satisfaction.

  13. “We Bought (and live in) a Bus” Starring Matt Damon

  14. Portlandia sketch IRL.

  15. All of you negative people are the reason this world is so messed up. Seriously, why do you care about what other people, especially strangers, do with their lives. Is this hurting you in any way? And why judge? Have you tried living in a converted bus? The internet is a wonderful thing but posts like this and all of your ignorant comments sometimes make me wish the internet never existed. All of you guys can shove your negative opinions up your asses.

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